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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Metspolice: You Own this Jersey

I have been so consumed with knock off jerseys at the ball park I forgot that we used to actually do the you own this jersey on Metspolice

I can see why Shannon is a tad peeved.

From Metspolice-

I’m still fired up about this Ripoff You Own This Mets Jersey Segment Gelbs is talking about –MoreICYMI, we just debuted a new segment. Looking for unique jerseys people wear at Citi Field. If you're ever out here with one, let me know.I may have to greatly increase my commnentary on in-game television production and how certain in-game segments are not that good. I have been pulling that punch since Burkhardt left, but now I may choose not to and may go all in.
Here's a post from 2013...

You own this Mets jersey: Dave Magadan

This guy sat in front of me at the Home Run Derby. Sweeeeeet.
dava magadan mets jerseu

and here's one form 2010

You own this jersey: Ike Davis 2006 BP jersey?

Spotted by Terence who says:

…an Ike Davis 2006 BP jersey? Saw this at the Cyclones game…. This guy must’ve have this blank in his closet for the past 4 years and decided just this year to put on it a player that didnt even wear that style.
Here's one of me in 2013

You Own This Jersey: Media Goon. Wait?!?!

I was on the the platform for the 7 last night and Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) from ESPN grabbed a pic of me wearing one of my Media Goon jerseys. Thanks to a lot of my buddies on twitter I was made aware of the tweet while I was basically standing next to him on the train. I didn’t say anything to him until I got to the 61st street Woodside station as I was about to get off at the stop. I stayed on for one more stop and just chatted about metspolice for a quick second and what made me laugh was he wanted to know what the deal was about with the steak sandwiches and us.
Thanks guys for the retweets to get my attention about his tweet.

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