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Monday, May 22, 2017

Fan Requests Refund for Sunday's Game and Uber Rides From Mets

I swear this is real and not from The Onion.
I got this letter from a reader today. I am going to post this just like he requested then I will put my two cents in.

Hello All,
As I am sure you know, yesterday's Mets game was a sham. With a crowd of 39,000 people, the Mets lost the game two pitches in. We had the delight of watching four all-time, potential Hall of Fame greats in Tommy 'can't play' Milone, Rafael 'miracle he's on the roster' Montero, Hansel 'best part of him is his intro song' Robles, and dude with 8.00 ERA from SF. 

This is nothing short of PATHETIC! If these guys were on the 51's roster I would still think I'm being ripped off if I paid to see a game, let alone the New York 'our pitching was supposed to be good' Mets. 

People like me don't have time or money to go see many games, but I went and paid yesterday and got a load of horse crap, so I decided to send a letter and invoice to the Wilpons. Of course, I haven't heard back, but that wasn't the point. I want my voice to be heard. 

That's why I'm emailing you today. I would really appreciate if you guys can spread the word about what I did and the invoice. I want Mets fans to voice their opinions and show ownership we're not okay with this. Please, please, please help me on this mission. We will resist! #NOTMYOWNERSHIP


Hello Mr. Wilpon,
My name is Fred Paul, I have been a Mets fan since 1982, experiencing some amazing memories, some mediocre memories, and some really bad ones. I am so sad to say that today was the day I felt most down about being a Mets fan.
The Mets 'game' on Sunday, May 21st wasn't much of a game -- it was over by the third pitch. It was a complete waste of money and time. The Mets have shown that they're better than this and an effort consisting of three of the worst pitchers in MLB in Millone, Montero, Robles shouldn't be shown to the fan base.
In the past, we've been in some rough waters, but we always knew we'd get better, so the games were about the future. Now, we are in the future, we are built to win now, and we are getting blown out in the first inning...
I wanted to know if it would be at all possible to get a refund on the tickets from today's game? I don't get to come to the ballpark often and when I do it is very exensive. I understand a loss, but today was a whole new level. 
I have attached an invoice. I would really appreciate a reimbursement. 

Fred P.

There you have it. Thanks Fred for writing and I guess you read this Hobby I mean blog. 
I am going to start with the Uber bill. I don't know who would say yes to giving you money for the uber bill 
with so many different ways to get to the ball park whether it is train, subway, car, bike, etc. You 
have options to get there, it isn't like the Mets said take an Uber to the park. I personally drive to 
the games and pay $25 to park. Some days I'll want to talk a few minute walk and park near the 
stadium to save some cash. But to each their own. But I am not awarding you the $140.96 for this.

The pitching reasoning- I guess we all knew Syndergaard, Matz, Lugo, were going to be injured. The Mets were supposed to be seven deep with starting pitching so they didn't need to resign Bartolo. That could be a swing and a miss there. But now that we are in May almost June what pitchers are out there and how do you want to the Mets to acquire them? Right now the Mets are trying to hope that someone can fill in just until folks get healthy again. The bullpen, Terry does seem to be using them a little too much and exposing them. I will give you that one. What is your solution to the bullpen? Where are you getting help from?

#Notmyownership - you are right... they own the team.

As for asking for money back for a game.. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEE!!!!!! Really? Teams lose. Teams get blown out. Teams go on losing streaks. It happens. If you went to the win on Friday with the deGrom's solid performance. would you have sent extra money to the Mets?

 " Hey Guys, this was a great win. I think I should pay more for it."

I can understand the frustration about the team right now with that horrible road trip but come on...They just won 2 out of 3 games. It sucks that the game you picked to go to sucked. I was there. Saturday night was a nail biter. Should I asked the Mets to pay for me to get a manicure so I can fix my nails because of that game?

 Trying to bill them for Uber...That's a new one...

That's almost as good as that blogger who called the box office and said she wasn't going to renew her season tickets because the Mets weren't going to sign Reyes.

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