Monday, June 27, 2016

Why d'Anaud Should Keep Number 7

Since fans keep asking me why I think Reyes shotldn't get 7  whenever he hits the big leagues again, I have two reasons... 1 is Reyes left..didn't get traded, so sorry buddy, no claim to it or you. And number 2 is here.....

I wrote this piece for during the7line outing to Denver last year.

I had a casual chat with Grandpa d'Arnaud for like an hour last year about this and other things related to Travis.

"Last note- the reason Travis changed his number was because he didn’t want to get used to one while he was in the minors due to movement in orgs and always changing numbers. Says he is sticking with 7 because he plans on being in the majors and being a Met for a long time."

Want to read more? I'll send you to my cousin('s) site Metspolice

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