Monday, August 31, 2009

Star Trek V Is Still A Piece Of Crap

Decided to watch Star Trek V last night. Awful.

Suddenly Captain Kirk is a super freestyle mountain climber who can scale mountains with no equipment.

Whoever did Nimoy's makeup doesn't know what Spock looks like. Both his ears and eyebrows look wrong.

Spock suddenly has a brother. Oh yeah he just never mentioned it.

Scotty and Uhura are dating now that they are in their 60s. Doohan must have been getting old or forgot how to act. His Scotty is like a parody.

DeForest Kelley also looks very old in this one...his McCoy is also likea McCoy parody.

Why does Kirk keep leaving Chekov in charge when Sulu is sitting right there? Why isn't Sulu off captaining the Excelsior yet?

The center of the galaxy is apparently an hour and fifteen minutes from Earth...or did Kirk and crew spend several weeks in the brig that the director (Shatner) just doesn't show us.

What a terrible film. Thank goodness Star Trek VI ended the TOS movie series on a good note.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Midget Zombies Pt 4

When I came to hours later I was at home. I smelled something cooking. I guess thats what woke me up. Following the wondrous smell of different spices I walked into the kitchen. Anita was there. She wasn't wearing the belly dancing outfit. She was wearing yoga pants and a tank top.
" Oh , good. Welcome back to the world of the living," she joked. Now she was a very beautiful woman of Indian descent, but I really couldn't place where she was from. One second it sounded like she had a british accent then the next it sounds like a twang from down south, but not too far down south. There is a lot more then meets the eye here. TRANSFORMEEEEERRRRSSSS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE. Damn that came out of nowhere in my head.
"Smells good. What are you cooking?."

"Some eggs with lil flavah and scones."

"I guess that sounds ummm good?.."

"Shut up you'll love it. Its the least I can do to thank you for getting me off that van. Those buggers had me up there for two days. I was trying to meditate just to not go crazy with there moaning."

"I dont blame you. How did you get up there? And why were you in the belly dancing outfit?"

"I was in my dance class where all this shit went down. and I grabbed my gear and started running. They surrounded me and I ran to the highest place I could get to. I figured they would get tired of waiting for me to come down but that was almost two days till you came and got me."

"I am glad we could help. By the way what is that noise that I keep hearing?"

" Sara and Mike have been going at it like rabbits for hours."

"Really? Hours? Damn..."

"Anita, are those all your clothes you have?"

"Yep, these and the belly dancer outfit, Why?"

" I think were going to have to go shopping then. Get you some clothes and add to our food and water stash since now we have 2 more people with us."

At this point Mikey comes out totally nude with Sara wrapped around him still having sex with him as he walked to the fridge to grab 2 gatorades.

"Food smells good. Can you two do me a favor? Keep it down we are trying to fuck in the next room..Thanks. We'll see you guys later."

With that he walked back in to the room..Sara never missed a beat just kept fucking away on Mikey.

"Okay,Anita tomorrow shopping and midget zombie ass kicking."

With that, we spent the whole day making preprarations to head tomorrow for the stores. Little did we know what kind of day we were going to have tomorrow...GODDAMN MIDGETS.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zombie Midgets Part 3

A days passed since Mikey joined me at my house. Even though we still had power, water, and the internet, there were no networks broadcasting anything new on this mini epidemic.

" Mikey. I think it's time to go out there and do some scouting. We should really see if there are anyone else out there that needs help. I would hate to be out there all alone. Ya know?"

"I'm feeling you on that one. Who knows there might be some hotties out there that need some saving and some romancing if ya hear me. I definately do not and I mean do not want to have to try to restart the human race with you. No offense, but a I don't roll that way."

"Shut up Mikey. Look over the wall and check to see if there is anyone form the lollipop guild is there."

"It's all clear."

"Ok, I'm driving. Throw your gear in the back seat and then open the gate. Make sure you close it behind us then get in."

"Yo, I wanna drive."

" Mikey, I need you to be the gunner, your a better shot then me anyway. Plus I get sick when you drive."

"Thanks, Hey I mean jackass.".

So we pulled out of my driveway and no less then 30 seconds on the road 30 or so mini versions of the Spartans from 300 were blocking our way to Queens Blvd. I turn to Mikey with the expression on my face of just disbelief.

" What the fuck goes on at these midget conventions. I mean seriously. I can't take this any more. These lil bastards are going to kill me because I am going to be laughing to hard to put up a fight,"

"Fuck that KB..They even got the killer abs like the 300 guys...They are dead and they have better abs then me. Son of a bitch. I been working out like a mother fucker and instead of having a six pack all i got is a half keg."

On that not i slammed the blazer into drive and decided to plow right through the shrunk down Spartans. I was smart enough to put the snow plow on my blazer before we left the "compound" as we now call my home. As we drove over them, I could not resist doing this and I knew if I didn't I knew Mikey would.I yelled," THIS IIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS SSSSSSPPPPPPPAAAAAAARRRTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," at the top of my lungs.

" Hey, that was going to be my line", protested Mikey.

I just laughed my ass off the whole way down Queens Blvd. We drove all the way to the 59th street bridge without seeing anyone living or Zombie. We travel over the bridge to Manhattan and get on to third avenue and 60th street when we saw about 5 midgets surrounding a cargo van with a beautiful girl wearing what appears to be a belly dancing outfit. She was sitting in what appeared to be a meditative pose. I pulled up about 100 feet behind the the van. I open the sunroof of the blazer. "Mikey, You know youve been waiting to take some more out, go ahead."

"Yeah, but I got dibs on the belly dancer.WOW, my kinda girl."

" Shut up Mikey, take them out."

Mikey pulls out a sniper rifle and sets it down on its tripod on the roof. He put a sound suppressor on it so as not to alert more of the the little kickables to our location. For all the wisecracks and joking around he really is an artist and a professional when it comes to killing. He took out all five of them within 30 seconds. I really couldn't believe it. Just when I was about to say something to him about it thats when we saw it. What looked like it had to be basically a midget stripper. She was wearing a corset and thong and was running towards the girl on the van. The midget stripper looked like she was actually trying to climb onto the van to get at the girl on top. Mikey aimed his rifle at the lil stripper and as he pulled the trigger it jammed. " No, I have dibs on her not you, you undead hobbit.", he yelled. Next thing I know he is out the door and running towards the van and as he got to the van he tackled the lil stripper. When he tackled her, the two of them rolled to the front of the van out of view. I slammed onto the gas and pulled up next to the van, breaking hard making the tires squeal as I skidded to a stop. What I saw was the lil stripper on top of Mikey biting his face.

I jumped out of the blazer ran up to the midget grabbed her by her hair and tossed her off of Mikey...I saw red blotches all over his face and he was laughing and smiling. I look closer. He has lipstick all over his face. The lil stripper wasn't infected or trying to eat him, she was kissing him for saving her. "Dude, she was kissing me...that's sara...."

" Shit. Sara you ok?," I said as I walked over to hear to help her up. As I went to grab her hand to pick her up she ended up punching me in the family jewels..."Asshole", is what I heard her mutter as I slightly passed out from the pain.

"Are you allright?", I hear as start to come too..I get up on my knees to be face to face with the belly dancer garbed girl from the top of the van. "I'm Anita..are you sure you ok?
With that passed out again....

Part 4 to follow.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zombie Midgets Part 2

God damn Midgets. Zombie Midgets at that. Just when you think zombies would be ridiculous enough, but they had to infect midgets? I couldn't get that out of my head. I turned on the tv. The news channels are starting to report that the midget zombies are everywhere. Come to find out they had a " Little Peoples" convention at the Javits Center. Great. Who would have thought that there would be 10,000 midgets in one place. This sucks. I am fortified in my house, I have tons of supplies, and stock piled on weapons. But I am going to need help. The only other guy that I know of that is even more prepared then me is Mikey M. Veteran of the mid east wars, was a sergeant for the army. He is the one who showed me how to prepare for this. I knew some basic hand to hand combat techniques but he helped me polish them. He also is the one who trained me on how to use all my guns, strip them and clean them. We actually fortified my house together. We took my plastic fence, dug a 2 foot deep trench and laid a steel reinforced concrete fence that's 8 feet high all around my house. The only way in is the front gate which is a 6 inch thick sliding gate. I have enough room in my yard for 3 vehicles. Right now I have my 69 camaro and my 2003 blazer in it. I go online. Its good that the power and cable is still working. Maybe the switches and the equipment in too high for the zombies to reach them. Bad joke. I really know its because the systems are automated. They'll run for weeks without anyone having to deal with them. I see mikey is online.
"Mikey, did you see any of those little fuckers?"

" I couldn't believe my eyes KB. Midget Zombies.Really? I mean little fucking ankle biters. I was parking my pickup and I was flirting with this hot new neighbor of mine..She was wearing this really tight lycra workout sui.."

"Mikey. FOCUS!!!"

" Oh, Sorry KB. Yeah well anyway I'm talking to her and the next thing I know she gets pulled down on the the ground screaming. I see these 5 midgets starting to rip her apart. I couldn't do anything to help her. The good thing is she went quick though."

" What did you do then?"

"Well, those gollum rejects looked up at me like I was their precious and I high tailed it up to my place so i could get my weapons and supplies."

" Mikey. You think you can get over here? I got enough supplies to last us for at least 10 months to a year. I had to put down 3 of them in my yard earlier.The only reason I found them is because I tripped over them. Let me know when your a block away. If you can circle the block first to let me know if you see any of them around the house."

"You got it KB. See you in 20 mins."

45 mins later still no Mikey. Can't get him on the the C.B. Radio that he has in his pickup. I hope he's OK.

The radio crackled."KB its me. Listen I circled there is one of them tracking me. I'm going to try to lead him away from the gate and around the corner. slide your gate open and I ll drive in."

"Ok, Mikey. I am by the gate."

" Open it. I think I lost him."

I slide the gate open as fast as I can. I see Mikey haul ass into the yard. I slide the gate quick as I can back so I can lock it. The clank of the latch on the door made me feel so much more secure. That was until i heard the groan. Dressed in a black t shirt that says security on the front. His neck was torn up from a bite mark. He kind of resembled a squashed down version of Hugh Jackman. He even had the lame ass wolverine side burns. He started towards me. I was standing up this time ready for mini- Jackman not like the last three midget zombies. As he got closer to me, at about an arms length away, I did something I always wanted to do with the height challenged. I put my arm straight out to my hand reached the top of huge head. I held him out at arms length while his gnashed his teeth and swung his little t-rex size arms trying to get me. I was starting to laugh. If I started laughing any harder I would let go and the little guy would bite me.

" Mikey, can you take care of Lil wolvie for me?"

" No problem. Kick him away KB."

I kicked him into the middle of the yard and Mike swung into him with the swiftness of a ninja and used a katana blade to slice his head clean off of his neck.

"Thanks Mikey. I couldn't help myself"

"It's OK. I can't believe I just save you from a bobble head doll."

We both started laughing our asses off again. This time I know it for a fact. I was laughing because it was funny.

Part 3....coming soon....

Zombie Midgets

An Original Story by me the Media Goon.

I turned on the TV and the news anchor was saying how there was martial law declared in NYC.  There are reports about cannibals attacking people on the street. They are being killed and torn apart. The reporter said that the cannibals reminded people of all the horror movies from the past involving zombies. This was do to the fact you can shoot,hit and kick them but they wont stay down. One witness said she stabbed  one of them and he kept coming after her.
WOW..I can't believe this. I have always joked with my friends that I would be ready for this is if it ever happen. On my coffee table just happened to be My Zombie Survival Guide Handbook that I bought and reread more then 50 times. No ones caught the cannibals/zombies on TV yet. I dying to see one of them. Hit I just remembered I should go check my supplies in the shed and bring some extra in...I'm glad I have the steel bars on my first floor of my house so I don't have to worry about boarding any of them up. I open my back door..I'm glad I have the security door gate on the back of my house too...People thought I was crazy to take all these extra precautions.
I walk out back and I trip over something....I fall to my hands and knees and I hear moaning and groaning. I look up and I see them...I cant believe it..3 zombies..not cannibals at all zombies...I guess when I came out I knocked them down too because the were eye level to me when I got to my knees and straightened out.  Then one charged me . I was like what the fuck...As he got closer to me I grabbed a rake I had in the grass and smacked him with it and he tumbled over... Then the other two started towards me...That's when I realized it. They weren't just Zombies..They were Midgets...Midget Zombies.  I didn't know whether to laugh really hard or be scared.. I started to run, but I realized with their little legs I could walk and outrun them.  So I ran to my house and tossed opened the door and grabbed my baretta and my 12 gauge shot gun. I looked out the window and shot one of them in the head he fell down. I was like cool head shots just like in the movies...Till he got back up..So then I emptied both barrels of my 12 gauge making his head explode. That put the lil bugger down. I reloaded my 12 gauge but before I pulled the trigger on it, I decided to try the baretta again..The second zombie went down..Then got back up again. I then aimed my shotgun and just emptied one barrel into his face.  That put him down. The third one I didn't even bother with the handgun. I just fired the 12 gauge and her face just exploded. I opened the door looked around and quickly ran to lock my gate to make sure no others could get in.  Once I did that, I turned around to them to take in the sight..I still couldn't believe I was attacked by zombies..Well not even just zombies but zombie midgets..The first one I put down was pretty well dressed in a three piece suit . The second was in leprechaun costume( I hope it wasn't hornswoggle from wrestling). The female one was hearing a harness outside of her clothes (midget tossing perhaps?),,, 
This is so weird but I can not stop laughing. I don't know if its because of my nerves from being attacked, or from me just looking at Midget Zombies..

Part 2 Later.......

Monday, August 17, 2009

TNA/SPIKE Sign new deal


Deal Includes New Weekly Installments Of “TNA: iMPACT!” And The Addition Of New Original Series Of Specials

Spike TV and Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling have agreed to a new, three-year extension of their partnership, it was announced jointly today by Kevin Kay, President, Spike TV and Dixie Carter, President of TNA Entertainment.

The deal, which begins October 1, 2009, includes three new years of TNA’s weekly “iMPACT!” show as well as the addition of a new original series of one-hour specials. Each special (title TBD) will feature the biggest personalities and highlight some the greatest and awe-inspiring bouts in the history of TNA, many of them never before seen on basic cable. TNA Entertainment will produce 10 one-hour installments.

“TNA: iMPACT!” is coming off its highest-rated and most-watched quarter on Spike TV. During 2Q09, more than 1.8 million viewers on average tuned in to “TNA: iMPACT!” on Spike each week. Overall, “TNA: iMPACT!” saw an impressive 31% overall growth compared to YAGO, with double digit increases in the key demographics of M18-49 (+33%) and P18-49 (+40).*

“With the tremendous success and record ratings we have achieved over the past three years, we are very happy to continue to have Spike TV as TNA Wrestling’s partner,” said Carter. “We are excited to continue our relationship with the fantastic team that has supported TNA from the very beginning, and look forward to even greater success with all of our TNA programming on Spike TV.”

“TNA Wrestling has consistently delivered strong ratings in key male demographics and has continually grown its weekly audience. In the past year alone, “iMPACT!" has seen a remarkable increase of 30% in overall growth," said Kay. “We are excited to not only continue but also expand our relationship with the world’s fastest growing wrestling organization.”

Cross The Line to TNA Wrestling, the most innovative experience in professional wrestling today. Watch "TNA iMPACT!" every Thursday night (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) only on Spike TV. TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.

Spike TV is available in 98 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world's leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. Spike TV's Internet address is and for up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs, visit Spike TV's press site at

IGN'S Madden 2010 review

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kurt Angle Arrested

This is from WPXI.COM

Officer’s Criminal Complaint filed against Kurt Angle:

On 8-15-09 at 7:50am, I was dispatched to the area of Giant Eagle and Get Go for a report of a PFA violation that was taking place in the lot.

As I was en route to the scene from Robinson Towne Center, dispatch advised me that the male offender (later ID'd as Kurt Angle) was in a sliver Cadillac now headed toward the Robinson Mall on Park Manor and was wearing a green colored t-shirt.

I approached the traffic signal at the intersection of Park Manor and Robinson Center Drive.

As I was at the light, I observed a silver Cadillac STS travelling down Park Manor and making the left hand turn at Robinson Center Drive and continuing onto Park Manor.

As the vehicle passed me, I could clearly see the driver had on a green t-shirt.

I turned around my marked police unit and made a traffic stop on the vehicle as it pulled into the Starbucks lot in Robinson Towne Center.

I was advised by dispatch that the driver should be Kurt Angle and that he was under DUI suspension.

I approached the driver who provided me with his (license) that did ID him as Kurt Angle.

At this time, I was assisted on scene by (two other officers).

I ran Angle's license which did come back as being under DUI suspension.

I advised Angle of the nature of the call and if he violated a PFA that was put out on him.

Angle stated his ex-girlfriend, (name removed), and he had an altercation at his residence in Moon township last evening.

Angle then stated she used his vehicle and went downtown to obtain an emergency PFA on him.

He then stated he was removed from the residence by Moon Township Police.

I advised Angle that his girlfriend had called police and stated he was stalking her at the Giant Eagle lot.

Angle denied this and stated he was looking for a hotel to stay in and never saw her.

Angle blurted out that he had his girlfriend's cell phone even though I had not asked about it at the time.

Dispatch advised that (the victim) was at our station filing a formal written complaint.

Since Angle was under DUI suspension, a tow truck was called for his vehicle.

I checked the area where Angle was sitting incident to his arrest.

There was a medium sized bag that contained Angle's ID as well as numerous credit cards.

This was taken with Angle to avoid anything happening to his credit cards.

In the front seat there was a large zippered black bag.

Inside one of the compartments was a capped syringe and two vials of "Hygetropin" which also contained the label "recumbant Human Growth Hormone Somatropin for injection."

Angle was asked about this item and he stated that he had a legal prescription for it and would be able to provide a copy of it.

Angle was placed into custody for the PFA violation and the drug charges and taken to the Robinson Twp. Police Station without incident by (the officer).

The vehicle was removed from the scene. (An officer) did locate a maroon colored blackberry phone from the car which (the victim) did later ID as hers. It was turned over to her at the station.

At the Robinson Police Station, I spoke with (the victim).

(She) stated she was at the Starbucks Store at the Robinson Towne Center outside at a table using the internet because she was scared to use the computer at her residence as she was in fear of Angle.

At this time, she saw Angle circle the parking lot three times; staring at her while she was outside.

(She) stated she then hurriedly left the area and saw Angle in the silver Cadillac.

She drove to Crucible Research by Giant Eagle and observed Angle in the Giant Eagle parking lot "circling" in his vehicle.

She stated to me that she could see Angle accessing her cell phone that she left in the car and feared he was deleting her text messages and pictures she had of past abuse against Angle.

(She) stated she then called 911 to report the incident. Angle was processed without incident and lodged into a holding cell to await arraignment.

The two vials of "HGH" and the used capped syringe will be logged into evidence.

(The victim) was provided a victim's rights booklet which she signed for. (She) stated she was going to stay (at a different location).

I received a faxed copy of the emergency PFA from Moon Township Police as well as verification that Angle was served the PFA by Moon Police this date at approximately 6:19am.

I made a copy of the emergency PFA she obtained that will be posted in the active PFA section of the police department. I also did file an ICC complaint on Angle.

The Walking Dead TV Series

Got this from

From Times Online
August 13, 2009
Shawshank director Frank Darabont to make Walking Dead TV series
Frank Darabont swaps prison dramas for the undead with television adaptation of critically acclaimed comic book

(Charlie Adlard)
Walking Dead artwork by Charlie Adlard
Owen Vaughan
The director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile is to adapt the zombie comic The Walking Dead for television.

Charlie Adlard, the comic's artist, told Times Online that Frank Darabont was writing and directing a pilot for the US cable network AMC.

"This has been in the works for a while but finally we can announce something positive," Adlard said.

The Walking Dead, which is written and created by Robert Kirkman, has been running since 2003 and has been compared to The Wire and Lost , such is its quality and breadth of scope. The story follows a small band of survivors in small-town America after a mysterious epidemic sweeps the world and causes the dead to rise and feast on the living, and although it does adhere loosely to the staples of the genre, it is no mere exploitation horror comic. The drama is not in the scenes of zombie extermination but in the pain of normal people struggling to keep alive in a world where civilisation has crumbled and died.

Zombie comic artist is pure dead brilliant
Zombies storm the Big Chill festival
Darabont may be known for his powerful prison dramas but he has a past in horror. He wrote The Fly II and last year his adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist touched on the same territory as The Walking Dead: a small-town community struggles to deal with a monstrous threat. Also onboard is Terminator producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Joel Stillerman, a vice president at AMC, which is behind the hit show Mad Men, told Variety that The Walking Dead appealed to the network because of "the quality of the storytelling" in Kirkman's work. The series would stay faithful to the tone of the original novels, he said. "This is not about zombies popping out of closets. This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world [in Walking Dead] is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way."

Fans of The Walking Dead will be pleased they have film-maker of Darabont's stature on board, more so because a large part of the comic takes place in a prison.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


From IGN,,,,

Singer Tackling Battlestar Galactica?
X-Men and Superman helmer rumored for new big screen version.
by Jim Vejvoda

August 12, 2009 - X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer has reportedly been approached by Universal Pictures about developing and possibly directing their feature film version of the TV series Battlestar Galactica.

Sources for HitFix "indicate that the big decisions haven't been made yet. Singer is the first major creative element to be approached, so once they sign him, they'll go find a writer and they'll figure out exactly which story they're telling."

IGN Movies broke the news in February that the big screen version that Universal and BSG creator Glen A. Larson would bring to the screen would be based on Larson's original TV series, and not the Ron Moore rebooted version that recently went off the air.

As HitFix reminds us, Singer and his longtime collaborator Tom DeSanto had previously tried to bring Battlestar Galactica back to the small screen in 2001 but that version fell apart and paved the way for Moore's later incarnation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am a NY Rangers fan and I support this...

The Islanders need this..The MAUSOLEUM sucks..The NHL needs to breathe new life into the whole NY market..

The Lighthouse at Long Island Top Ten Facts

1. The Lighthouse project will transform the 150-acres at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum site and the surrounding area into Long Island’s signature destination.

2. The Lighthouse is approximately 5.5 million square feet of new mixed-use development and will be designed and developed to be Long Island’s largest LEED, environmentally friendly, project.

3. The Coliseum will be transformed into a state-of-the-art arena providing a premier entertainment experience. With additional and expanded concourses, all new restrooms, VIP suites, larger seats, and first class concessions and restaurants, the arena will comfortably accommodate 17,500 for hockey, 18,500 for basketball and 20,000 fans for concerts.

4. The Sports Complex will be the region’s preferred sports and entertainment facility. It will house four sheets of ice for local teams and clubs, as well as be capable of hosting regional and national events. The facility will also include basketball courts and a state-of-the-art health club.

5. The Lighthouse’s central landscaped park, Celebration Plaza, will be larger than New York City’s Bryant Park, and will soon become Long Island’s favorite meeting place for family concerts, or just relaxing with a friend.

6. The project’s 2,300 residences will include next generation, luxury, active adult and multi-family housing types. There will be a mix of lofts, condominiums, and town houses set amidst quiet neighborhoods or above vibrant retail streetscapes.

7. Long Island’s first five-star hotel will contain 300 rooms, meeting and banquet facilities, and luxury full-service condominiums.

8. The project will have more than 250,000 square feet of Convention, Conference and Exhibition space and will establish Long Island as a preferred destination for national and international programs while giving local companies a place to host their events.

9. One million square feet of new class A office space, including a sports technology center, will attract new industries and create jobs and career opportunities as well as allow local companies to expand in the heart of Nassau County.

10. The project’s approximately 500,000 square feet of complementary retail, restaurants, and cafes will provide great places to dine and shop for residents and visitors alike.

The Lighthouse’s Big Seven Benefits to Long Islanders

1. Increased Tax Revenues

2. New jobs and career opportunities

3. Ability to keep existing and attract new businesses

4. Attractive housing alternatives for Long Islanders

5. Increased property values

6. Creates a destination on Long Island

7. Keeps the NY Islanders on Long Island

Wait, Nas and Nick Cannon were right.

the beats kind of sound the same to watermelon..

According to NAS and Nick Cannon, this is the future of hip hop.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Me being busy, Shark Week, Green Lantern Cartoon DVD

So I am sure you have noticed that there is a lot of videos on here. Its not because I am lazy but because I work in the film business working 14-20 hr days..I know wwaaaaahhhhh poor me. I am going to try to write more but I'm lucky to even get sleep.
Zombies, I know I am obsessed with them on this page but there is one thing I am more obsessed with SHARKS. SHARK WEEK is this week. The Discovery Channel's Super Bowl is here. Last night was BLOOD in the WATER. A very well done re enactment of the 1916 Shark Attacks off the NJ Shore. I couldn't believe how well it was done. They cut footage of real sharks in with some of the FX sharks and it was seemless..Even the FX non cgi sharks looked great. I am not going to get too into the story if you want to know about it, watch Blood in the Water or look it up on the net.
Green Lantern. Chris Meloni from Law and Order: SVU voices Hal Jordan. It was a great way to introduce this character to people who don't read the comics or were brought up on GL Jon Stewart or Kyle Rayner. This DVD just is a solid flick where it shows how Hal Jordan a TEST PILOT becomes the recipient of a GREEN LANTERN power ring from Abin Sur..Not only that we get introduced to a smaller headed Sinestro that isn't dressed in his old 1970's costume. I hate ruining the movies I have seen with reviews that tell everything about it...If your a DC comics fan go watch it..