Monday, August 31, 2009

Star Trek V Is Still A Piece Of Crap

Decided to watch Star Trek V last night. Awful.

Suddenly Captain Kirk is a super freestyle mountain climber who can scale mountains with no equipment.

Whoever did Nimoy's makeup doesn't know what Spock looks like. Both his ears and eyebrows look wrong.

Spock suddenly has a brother. Oh yeah he just never mentioned it.

Scotty and Uhura are dating now that they are in their 60s. Doohan must have been getting old or forgot how to act. His Scotty is like a parody.

DeForest Kelley also looks very old in this one...his McCoy is also likea McCoy parody.

Why does Kirk keep leaving Chekov in charge when Sulu is sitting right there? Why isn't Sulu off captaining the Excelsior yet?

The center of the galaxy is apparently an hour and fifteen minutes from Earth...or did Kirk and crew spend several weeks in the brig that the director (Shatner) just doesn't show us.

What a terrible film. Thank goodness Star Trek VI ended the TOS movie series on a good note.

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