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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

75 Tickets remaining for @QBConvention's Lunch with @HowieRose


We had a good day yesterday sales wise for this event. 75 tickets left. You can't ask for better pricing for what you are getting in this package. Not only that you can make it into a full fun day Mets affair. Come to the lunch, Go to the T7LA tailgate and then buy a ticket for the Mets game at 7:10. It's going to be a great day!                       

                            QBC PRESENTS LUNCH WITH HOWIE ROSE!!!

                                           SATURDAY JULY 29th 2023

                               Here is the eventbrite link

On Saturday July 29th (from 1-3 pm.Seating at 12:30) come to Katch Astoria and have Lunch with Legendary Mets Announcer Howie Rose. There will be a Q and A panel hosted by Til Mets Do Us Part's Matt Ibanez(@poison_Ibby). There will be a signing afterwards. Admission, Food, and Two autographs or one autogrpah and one inscription are included in the price. You also may take a photo with Howie using your own device.

QBC loves to get access to Mets personalities that usually don't come out to do panels or signings. We wanted to do something cool for this summer. Remember the Lunch with Keith Hernandez? That was fun so we wanted to bring in someone with a lot of great stories and a storied announcing career. We've had Gary, Keith, and Ron, so why not have Howie Rose?

We love Howie's passion on the radio. He tells such a great story about the game and also his own personal storied outside of the game. We are lucky to be able to get him for this limited seating event before a Mets game. This is going to be fun!

Howie will be doing a panel/Q&A for an hour then signing for an hour.

The ticket price is going to be $110(fees and tax extra) per person.

Admission to event

Lunch which you get a choice of either:


Chicken wings

Chicken fingers

Veggie Burger

Chicken Caeser Salad

One soda or bottled water

(additional food/alcohol items can be purchased separately day of event)

You can choose between recieving two autographs or one autograph and one inscription on your own items.

You can also take a picture with Howie Rose with your own device.

Follow @QBConvnention,@mediagoon on twitter and instagram for the link.

    Here is the eventbrite link

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