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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Mets giving out where to park cheaper


I get to the Marina Lot to tailgate with the 7line Army. After a pay the $40 to park they hand me the above slip. It tells you where to park cheaper over at the Sky View mall. Now I know Darren has been talking about this for the past few weeks on Orange and Blue Thing and it’s a good option but I don’t get the point of this flyer being given out by the Mets Parking staff. Is it because they want to ease the sticker shock of the price of  parking? I have no clue but if you want cheaper parking to come to the games, there ya go.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Keith

Too bad @the7line tailgate isn’t in the MTA lot like in years past. Closer to more reasonable parking,LIRR and subway too!