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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Already Updated!: Vaping at Citi Field



I just heard back from my contact at the Mets and they are trying their best with policing this issue. They have had meetings about it and are going to try to do better with paying attention to it. Let’s see how it goes.

My buddy The Old Grouch is back again. This time it’s about vaping. He tried to report someone for vaping at Citi Field and no one responded from the Mets hot line. He went up to an usher and security guard and they did nothing about it. At least when folks were smoking they would go over by the stairs down to the K Korner and not do it in the crowd. People just aren’t considerate to others anymore. They only care about themselves and not the people around them. Old Grouch isn’t wrong in this situation. I don’t understand why security or the usher couldn’t ask the person vaping to please refrain from it or go to the stairs. I’m not a fan of vaping and really don’t like it when it’s near me in the seats either. An yeah I get it folks you do have the right to use it but use it where others are using it too.

Mets Fans do better!

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Anonymous said...

They do not have a right to use it in Citi Field. It is against the law and selfish. You can bet that if was done next to where relatives of Mets employees were sitting they would stop it right away.

Thanks for writing this Keith. Thanks for all you do to try to make things right. Old Grouch ( Not Mets Police, who is a different old grouch ) I think he can take a joke