Friday, May 25, 2018

Mets Game Notes 5/25/18

Amed Rosario debut ball

I acquired this ball from my buddy Justin who decided he didn’t want it after purchasing it. I took it off his hands and put it with my other game used/signed balls until I could get it signed. Finally got it signed when Rosario was at Steiner Sports in Roosevelt Field a few weeks ago. Would have been great if it was a ball during his at bat or a play he made in the field.

@mets: Cleveland asks you to wait for an At-Bat to finish

Just saying....

Thanks Dennis... We need these things at Citi Field.

S2 E21: Mets win the homestand, but end on a sour note.

Jose Bautista is a Met, the team wasted another deGrom gem, Davey Johnson has a book coming out, MLB revamped their Memorial Day gear, and the guys give away some free stuff.
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Have we found out where the donations are going for the Memorial Day Unis/Merch?


My cousin Shannon from over at pointed this out to me.

Looks like we might have finally got an answer about the donations from the unis/caps being worn on Memorial Day. There was quite a few of us over the years asking about this. Where was the money going? No one ever had an answer. You can also read a post about this from last week here.
In March, baseball’s vice-president of social responsibility, Melanie LeGrande, reached out to James Wright, the former president and a professor of history at Dartmouth College.The subject: How baseball might more accurately capture the significance of Memorial Day.Starting in 2008, the sport had used proceeds from sales of Memorial Day commemorative apparel to fund the Welcome Back Veterans initiative — a worthy cause, but one only loosely tied to Memorial Day, which honors those who died in combat.By aligning with two new charities for this Memorial Day — charities supporting children and families grieving the loss of a service member — baseball is responding to criticism of its previous efforts and showing a better understanding of the holiday.The charities baseball selected — the Tragedy Assistance Program (TAPS) and Folds of Honor Foundation — will receive 100 percent of the royalties from the sales of Memorial Day apparel, league officials said. Royalties are the amount of money baseball receives from a licensee for the use of its marks; they are correlated to sales, so the more merchandise baseball sells, the more money it donates. The sport has pledged a minimum $500,000 collective donation.“They let us know that they felt Memorial Day belongs to those who served and died,” said Diana Roday Hosford, the vice-president of sports and entertainment for TAPS. “They wanted to recognize organizations that supported the surviving families left behind after a life of selfless service and sacrifice.”

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