Monday, April 23, 2018

Mediagoon’s Media Musings 4/23/18

Cespedes wants to play golf again
From the NY Daily News-
ATLANTA — Mickey Callaway understands the pull of the golf course. After Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes said he was reconsidering his decision to give up golf during the season, the Mets manager said he was fine with his players golfing in season with some stipulations.
“I think golf is like anything else. If he does it the right way,” Callaway said. “If he’s smart about it: (on) off days, days we come in and we’re not taking (batting practice) and it doesn’t fatigue him or affect baseball, then guys can do what they want away from the field as long as it doesn’t affect what we are doing with the team.”
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MG- Golf is fine when you are smart about it. For example, not playing it hours before a World Series game.
Matt Harvey Pissed at Being Sent to Pe
From the NY Daily News
On a scale of 1 to 10, I obviously am at a 10 with being pissed off,” Harvey said. “My performance hasn’t been there and I have to do whatever I have to do to get back in the starting rotation. Right now it’s go to the bullpen, work on some things to get where I need to be and get my (stuff) in order and figure it out.”

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MG- Matt. You aren’t the pitcher you were a few years ago. Are you really pissed off or are you going through the motions? I don’t know, maybe time in the pen will help you figure out what’s going on. If you really want to complain, maybe you can go start in Binghamton for a bit.

If you have the Athletic app you can check the rest of the story out there.
Carig nailed this big time. The Mets were so starved to have a big time player back when Harvey came up to the majors, they pretty much let him get away with anything he wanted.

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MLB Food Fest

I flew back in from Atlanta yesterday in time to make sure I got to the MLB foodfest. I’m glad I did. This was actually a really well run event. Folks attending were civil and were actually polite and didn’t try to cut lines for the food(at least from what I saw).

I ate where too much yesterday. Folks on social media on Saturday were complaining about the serving sizes of the offerings. Those folks have never been to a tasting before. You aren’t supposed to be having a full meal for each item.  I am not a seafood fan but my wife and my buddies had the Washington Grilled Crab grilled cheese and The Giants version of it and they all said the Nats one was better. Mets sent their pastrami and this is one of my fave foods from Citi Field and it tasted great also. Tampa Bay had a Cuban style hot dog sandwich which folks were digging. There were chicken and waffle cones, cheese curds and brats, buger sliders, bacon wrapped hot dogs, ice cream in helmets, and from Arizona a churro hot dog which was a desert that had a line consistently throughout the day. Miami in a cost cutting move decided to move their bacon wrapped plaintains in a trade to the Bronx for a good to be named later. Okay not really. They just ran out of them because they seemed to be very popular.

Cool event, if they run this again somewhere, I’d recommend trying to hit it because how many times in your life are you going to be able to sample all the foods from around the continental US.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mediagoon’s Media Musings(Atlanta Airport edition)

I have no idea why Mickey didn’t use his magic to put Nimmo in to PH when the bases were loaded towards the end of the game. I think that was the move to make and could have put the end to the the Braves. But what do I know?

Supposedly Reyes tweeted Reyes will get a hit 11 times on twitter and it might have helped him “see it get done”.

Familia need to tweet 11 times “I can throw a strike”.

When is Jake going to catch a Break? I’d be throwing water coolers in the clubhouse after last Two starts.

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