Thursday, April 26, 2018

Possible Ed Kranepool Q and A/Signing ?

I was talking to Ed Kranepool about helping him raise some money for his kidney expenses. Would you guys be interested in a Q and A and a signing and maybe a Mets game viewing party at a location to be named later? There would be charge to get in and for autographs.

Mets Pitchers Becoming Villains?

Have we come to the point with the Mets that the “heroes” have become the “villains”? We have Matt Harvey Dent. Now it looks like we might have Stephen “Stevil” Matz. Well at least in the eyes of the best writers and some bloggers. Maybe a few of these pitchers that heads are messed up (Familia too) when they give up a hit or don’t get a strike called in their favor need good Ol’ Doc Sampson. Don’t know who he is? Go look him up.

Game UsedManny Hernandez Mets Jersey

Mets Jackie Robinson Day Jersey and Hats up for bids

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Help a Mets Fan raise funds for his Kidney issues.

From Darren Meenan,

While hanging at the tailgate on Saturday, I was approached by two men. "Can I have a word with you?". Oh, man. What'd I do? Did we ship the wrong shirt sizes? Did they lose their tickets? No. Just looking for a little help. James Budgell and his brother Fred handed me a local Savannah newspaper clipping about James' son Liam. Liam was born into a Brooklyn family of die hard Mets fans that moved to Georgia back in 2010. Unfortunately, Liam is in dire need of a new kidney.
Liam had to endure Dialysis and is in critical need of a new kidney.
Read the rest of Darren’s Post here.
MG- I have been posting on here about Ed Kranepool needing a kidney, so of course I am going to post about Liam needing one too. If you want to donate here