Monday, January 22, 2018

@QBConvention: Meet the Mets (Execs)

Great job by NY1’s Roger Clark modding this panel With Mark Fine and Will Carafello from the Mets.

Click here for Video

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Ed Kranepool is Selling Off His Baseball Collection


For you collectors out there Ed Kranepool's friend/agent reached out to me to try to raise awareness of Ed Kranepool raising money by selling his collection to help with his medical bills. I have met Ed a couple of times now and he ha been a great and cordial guy. If you guys remember, he was a guest of the first QBC and love hanging out with the fans. So, if you guys are collectors or always wanted a piece of baseball history and want to help out a Mets legend you should check this out.

Jan, 22, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,
As a top Mets Memorabilia Collector, Mr. Kranepool is offering a limited number of collectors the opportunity to visit him at his home on Long Island to examine and purchase unique Mets and Yankees Sports Memorabilia directly from his collection. The items for sale are autographed vintage photos, autographed assorted team and individual baseballs, great baseball memorabilia from different teams, as well as unsigned, never been seen before personal photos from his days while he was with the Mets for his 17-year career.
This opportunity to visit Mr. Kranepool for a Meet and Greet at his home will be during the months of January and February, and will take place in the evenings between 7 PM-10 PM on Monday to Thursday, as well as some weekends. All home visits will be by appointment only. This memorabilia sale will help pay for some of Ed’s major medical bills from this past year.
This is a great opportunity for the true Baseball Autograph Memorabilia Collector to set-up an appointment to visit Mr. Kranepool at his home in Long Island and examine the memorabilia that he has collected since he broke into the Major Leagues with the Mets in 1962. If you are interested, please contact Martin Gover of Momentum Sports Management, Inc. at (212) 918-4545. Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.
Yours truly,
Martin Gover

Help a young lady get her prom pics at Citi Field

Wish we knew about this at the QBC...


From SI Live

“It all started as a joke between my friends and I. I have been saying forever that I wanted to go to the prom with a Met, and I never thought anything could happen from it. Because the Mets follow me, I direct messaged them," said Quinn.

"They asked me the date of my prom, and said they are going to be in Milwaukee that day, so they gave me a date prior to my prom. If I can get that certain amount of retweets I can go and take pictures with them," added the South Beach resident.

Read the full story from here.
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