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Some David Wright “Day” Game stuff is up for auction.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Folks against renaming the Syracuse Chiefs the Syracuse Mets

I was up from 6am yesterday until 4:30 am today. I have to be in at work again about 5 pm.  If you guys don't hear from me all day its because I need major sleep.

Brent Axe of and ESPN Radio Syracuse in a series of tweets said, “If they are changing their nickname to the Mets, I have 3 big problems with that. It's lazy. Minor league sports are full of fun, creative nicknames. The Mets? Really? How does that draw in a larger crowd, sell merch or appeal to kids? 2. What do the Mets have to do with Syracuse? Even the Chiefs had a long local history and an association with Central New York.
“The Mets brand isn't strong enough to carry on its own here,” Axe continued. “The Yankees would be different, but even then I'd hesitate. Why shut off any mass appeal? If it is simply the Syracuse Mets, you aren't off to a good start in the new era of Triple-A Baseball here in Syracuse in my opinion.”-Seth Everett

Hmmmm... The Chiefs were there in Syracuse for 84 yrs? Is this Rachel/Ross we are on a break territory?

From wikipedia-

The first Syracuse Chiefs baseball team was established in 1934, when the Jersey City Skeeters moved to Syracuse and were renamed the Chiefs. The team played in the International League (IL) through 1955 (winning five championships), but was sold and moved to Miami as the Marlins for the 1956 campaign.
Another team known as the Syracuse Chiefs competed in the Class A Eastern League (then two levels below the IL) during 1956–57, but moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1957.[5]
Syracuse was without professional baseball until the 1961 season, when the Montreal Royals franchise was abandoned by its owners (the Los Angeles Dodgers) and relocated to Syracuse as the top affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, becoming the Syracuse Chiefs.

The Chiefs have played in Syracuse without interruption since their rebirth in 1961. The team was renamed the SkyChiefs in 1997 before reverting to the original "Chiefs" in December 2006.[6]
From 1978 to 2008, the Chiefs were the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. The three-decade Toronto–Syracuse affiliation is the longest of the 11 major leagueaffiliations the Chiefs have had since 1936. While the Chiefs reached three Governors Cup finals during this time, many of the players who helped lead the Blue Jays to consecutive World Series titles in 1992 and 1993 passed through Syracuse.
In 1994 outfielder Shawn Green hit .344 for the Chiefs—winning the International League batting title, and was voted the International League Rookie of the Year.
The Chiefs played at MacArthur Stadium from 1934 to 1996, moving to then-P&C Stadium in 1997.
The original Chiefs started in 1934 and  got sold in 1956 and moved to Miami as the Marlins that is were your original Chiefs history ends. In Miami. So that was 22 yrs. Then a Class A eastern team took the name from 1956-1957 before it moved to PA. Then no teams for four years then look who came in. The latest incarnation of the Chiefs. 1961-2018. That's 53 years of history and not 84. 

MG- Salt potatoes? Better then Mets? Maybe for one or two games this year but not as a team name...

MG- Yeah because the team won't wear a hundred promo jerseys this year. I am fine with the name change and I wouldn't be surprised in 5 years it gets changed to something else.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

@dhapshow hosts Speed Dating at @katchastoria Friday 10/19/18

Minor League Baseball Charities Partners with 5050 Central

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I typed Vintage Mets into eBay and found this

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