Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mets Storm Trooper Hat

For May fourth
Another generic one with NY slapped on the side.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mercury Mets Piazza Jersey....

This much, really? They can't be game used, can it?

Bid is up to $825?
Buy it now $1125?

For sale is an authentic Russell Mercury Mets jersey customized to 

Mike Piazza, size 48. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Shea Bleacher Bench

I have all the Bleachers that were removed from Shea.
What a Great piece for that office or Man Cave.
I have been selling smaller single seat benches (approx 21”) But this is the first double that I’ve made and it comes with 2 numbers and MLB Holograms.
The Mets tried selling a Bleacher Bench after Shea's Demise. They weren't well thought out and sold for about 275. shipped. You can even find some listed on Ebay from time to time now. They used black angle iron legs, and if you purchased, it came with a disclaimer that they were not to be used as a seat due to the instability of the legs.  A Bench, that shouldn't be used as a Seat ??? 
Well I worked with a National Bleacher company to come up with a leg option that is stabe and can hold hundreds and hundreds of pounds….and with this leg option it looks just like they did in Shea.
This Bench measures just over 36” across and is about 17 ½ inches high.
You can verify this items authenticity by going to MLB Authentication Site and entering the unique serial numbers on the MLB Holograms. I am also including a laminated Mets Letter, which adds a nice touch.

Some very simple assembly is required and you can check that out at

2000 World Series Press Pin

You are bidding on a New York Mets 2000 World Series Press Media Pin. Made by Balfour. These pins were issued to the media who covered the World Series. The Mets played the Yankees that year in the Bronx and Shea Stadium. This would be the 4th World Series that the Mets would be in.

This item is now 15 years old! HARD TO FIND. Not that many were made.

I am not a grader but this one looks nice! Look at the photos. Great item! Even comes with the back of the original case when given to the news reporter.

This item would be great for any New York Mets, Yankees, World Series or Shea Stadium collector!