Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Mr Met Figure coming out

Looks like REACTION is getting into the MLB licenses. WWE superstar gave me a heads up about this before he instagrammed it. I didn’t want to post before he did. Anyway look how cool that Me Met is. Back in the day when I was a kid that would have worked out nicely with my Star Wars figures. Btw if you are a WWE fan and a wrestling figure collector check out the Major Wrestling Figure podcast Hosted by Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Click here

I really like the videos that @Mets are putting out these days.

This kind of stuff is starting to get me real excited for my trip down to PSL next Saturday.

Tebow and Alonso taking BP video? Sure I'll watch.

Yes, I know I am using Wally Gator for this Callaway post.

Wally Gator is from Hanna Barbara

From the NY POST-

Callaway said there is a “12-foot” alligator that frequents the backyard of the house he is renting during spring training. But that’s hardly the manager’s biggest issue with his digs: He returned home Thursday to find a geyser in the yard because a water pump broke, draining his entire swimming pool.
Maybe the Gator caused the Geyser to shift the water from the pool to another position... Maybe we call this operation McNeil?

Jeff McNeil has appeared steady in early drills, according to Callaway, as he prepares for life in left field.
“He’s got some great instincts out there,” Callaway said. “He is going to do a very good job out there and he’s got a lot of confidence.”
McNeil played the outfield extensively during his college career, but was limited to eight games there during his time in the minor leagues. The expectation is McNeil will start in left field against most right-handed pitchers. 
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Does this Mr Met Cap make fun of the Irish?

My cousin @Metspolice had been a staunch opponent of the Mr. O'Met caps in the past. He and my partner in the QBC Dan Twohig both think this cap depicts a character on the same level as Chief Wahoo. I personally think that the leprechaun is a mythical creature and this would be on the same level if someone turned put an elf or a fairy on a cap.  You can read @Metspolice thoughts here.

I came up with a poll on twitter to see who other's think.

Here are some responses.