Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mets Game Notes 7/27/16

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Replica Piazza Jersey With Griffey/Piazza Induction Patch

 I bought the other Piazza HOF Jersey earlier this year.

I Made The HOF Museum....With Help From the @the7linearmy

Went to into the Museum to check out some of the exhibits over the weekend and got to see the exhibit from last World Series.

Hey those folks in orange look familiar. It's the @the7linearmy..

Hmmm.. that fat guy in the lower left looks familiar.

YEP.. That's me 40 lbs ago. It's surreal that there is a pic of me and my friends hanging in the HOF. THANKS @7LINEARMY

Crazy BaseBrawl in the Minors

The Rockland Boulders were playing the New Jersey Jackals when one of the players ran from their dugout to the Boulders dugout before the first pitch in the 9th. This is something I have never seen before.  The Boulders pitcher didn't even see what happened.