Monday, August 29, 2016

Mets Half Season Plan Holder Q and A

Quick rundown from the Mets 1/2 season plan holder Q and A. I grabbed this from what I was tweeting on Sunday....

Alderson doing Q/A made joke with plane over head that it's a new player flying in from Vegas.

Q: Wilmer is it hard filling in for players. A. I just want to play my best and help win.

Alderson Yo is entertaining and it's a entertainment biz. Yo is a Met until he opts out not to be a Met.

Matz other fav Ballpark is KC. Due to being In the World Series

TJ Rivera's fav Playerwas Jeter. Flores was Edgardo Alfonzo but he didn't know he was a Met. Used to watch him play winter ball

Sandy is not a fan of the movie moneyball. He and Flores like major league. Rivera sandlot Matz Angels in the outfield

Wayne asks Matz how he's feeling- Matz I'm feeling good taking it day by day

How do you train your eyes to track a pitch? Wilmer hands the mic to TJ and shook his head like nope not answering

Hey Sandy how can Bruce feel more relaxed at the plate and not pressing? Fans can stop booing him. But I know that won't happen

TJ Rivera grew up a Yankees fan but came to more Mets games

Wright- shea was a dump but it was our dump

Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 Beach Bums Lip Sync Battle


Yoda Hates The Wave

Thanks to @cerilli2 for this. This made my day.

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Whistle Guy vs Cowbell Man

Who is more annoying?

We all know how much I despise cowbell man. His whole gimmick is ridiculous and who knows when was the last time he took a shower. The worst part is when he is hitting that cowbell right in your ear and doesn't realize how annoying he is to others.

I didn't hear whistle guy where I was sitting in the 7Line Army section but I am hearing that he is annoying as hell. Wait check that just heard him as I'm writing this. This guy is freaking annoying and you guys have heard it on tv/radio for the whole game? Jesus.

Okay guys. Who's more annoying?

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