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Thursday, March 30, 2023

MLBPA, MLB agree to tentative deal on first minor league CBA


 This is a great thing to finally see happen. A majority of MiLB players were being paid way too low to the point that they couldn't even afford to play the game.

From The Athletic

If approved as expected by midnight on Friday, minor leaguers will have their salaries and working conditions set by a CBA in time for the start of the minor league season that day. The five-year deal would provide raises to minor league players and a slew of other improvements and codified changes that didn’t exist prior to the unionization of minor leaguers.

Under the CBA, minimum annual salaries will be as follows for the complex league and rookie status quo: $19,800, up from $4,800; Single A: $26,200, up from $11,000; High A: $27,300, up from $11,000; Double A: $30,250, up from $13,800; Triple A: $35,800, up from $17,500.

Among the other elements, players will have a formal grievance procedure. There will be no contraction of minor league teams for the term of the CBA, but MLB could make cuts to the domestic reserve list after the first year.

Read more here at the Athletic

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