Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Citi Field Parking is now $40


I just decided to put the picture of the Pastrami Sandwich here to remind me of the good things about Citi Field versus the bad things like the huge jump in parking for the season. I get it prices have to go up but a $10 increase? Really? Are the folks who run the parking IMPARK really just going for it on this because they think that there is such a supply issue coming this season with the Mets looking like its going to be a really good team? Hey, Tim jack up the fee by $10 this plus is going to be selling out every night and there wont be any place for them to park. Yep, folks. We have hit $40 for parking now. And $60 for post season.  Now you all are probably like the Mets are ripping us off. Yes and No. Its a convoluted contract situation between IMPARK, NYC, and the Mets and this is why there is so much confusion about building in the parkland that is the parking lots.


Regular Season/U.S. Open

  • Car: $40.00
  • Bus/Sprinter/Oversized: $80


  • Car: $60.00
  • Bus/Sprinter/Oversized: $100

Special Events

  • Car: $60.00
  • Bus/Sprinter/Oversized: $100

Hours Of Operation: All lots will open one hour prior to opening of stadium gates at Citi Field.

Cashless: Methods of payment will be limited to credit/debit cards, team issued Mets Gift Cards and mobile payment (Apple Pay and Google Pay) only. Cash will NOT be accepted.

Parking Lots: There are five parking lots within the fence line of Citi Field. They are designated as follows:



Anonymous said...

I will take the #7 trsin

Anonymous said...

Cohen wants to prove that the parking lot is just 50 acres of asphalt and take away. It’s a appeal as parking lot so we can re-develop it

Anonymous said...

The parking lot operator clearly is unaware we're in tougher economic times. The stock market is way down. Mortgage rates are way up. This is not going to help the Mets -- who just lost their closer Diaz, likely for the year -- sell more tickets. In fact, it could likely cost Steve Cohen some business.