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Monday, March 27, 2023

Jumaane Williams wants Citi Field renamed

Before I post what the Daily News is reporting about Jumaane Williams, Citi Field/Mets, and CitiBank, I feel like there is more to this story.

This is all my opinion and conjecture and I have no hard evidence but just from what my eyes can see and what my brain is putting together. I’m more than likely wrong but here is my working theory anyway. This is about the parkland aka parking lots at Citi Field that Steve Cohen wants to build the casino on. There was  new legislation up in Albany that I posted about the other day on here. It basically makes it easier to swap parkland out to be built on if the same amount of land is replaced as parkland nearby.

 Now isn’t it funny that the whole idea of CitiBank is evil because of Climate Change and by renaming the ballpark something else and the Mets breaking their deal with Citi over naming rights will fix climate change?  To me this seems like a political move. Not a move. A move that is basically using the environment for leverage. What leverage I don’t know. That’s why beyond my pay grade.

Anyway here is part of the story from the NY Daily News.

“New Yorkers know I bleed blue and orange — the Mets represent an incredible spirit, history and institution, and are a tremendous value to New Yorkers,” Williams said. “The practices of Citibank, though, don’t represent the values of the Mets or of our city, and we must demand better. If Citi refuses to end its toxic relationship with the fossil fuel industry, the Mets should end their partnership with Citi.”
Williams, a progressive Democrat, plans to hold a Tuesday press conference in City Hall Park to formally call on Cohen to make the switch. Joining Williams for the event will be representatives from a number of local environmental groups, including New York Communities for Change, Climate Organizing Hub, Climate Families NYC, 350 NYC and Sunrise Movement NYC.

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Like I said, I might be totally crazy about legislation

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