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Monday, February 6, 2023

“Why don’t the Mets have a Fan Fest?”


This is an interesting question. A few folks have asked on twitter about why the Mets don’t do a fan fest or haven’t done one since 2020. I guess this is coming up because the Dodgers had their fan fest over the weekend. For years before the QBC was started we as fans were trying to get the Mets to have a fan fest. We tried to bluff them into doing it by saying we were going to do the QBC. They didn’t buy the bluff and we ended up doing the Queens Baseball Convention because as fans we knew other fans wanted to have a fan fest so we did our own.

I first went to thank the folks who stepped up and let people on twitter know about the QBC and what we do with it. From what I hear about what the Mets want to do now is focus on Old Timer’s Day and I for one don’t blame them. OTD was a very fun event and The Mets did a great job with it. It’s a great day to have the former players come in and have a great time with the fans and each other. It’s also a great way to get 40,000 fans into the stadium to show their love for the Mets of the past. You can’t have 40,000 in Citi Field in the winter time. Also the costs to pay the players, cost of hotels, and airfare get really pricey. We run into the costs ourselves when we put together a QBC. If the Mets charged what they would have to just to break even on a fan fest the fans would be complaining about the cost of a ticket. I am not going to fault the Mets on choosing OTD over a fan fest.

That being said, We do the QBC as the missing fan fest. We might be unofficial but we sure do have a lot of fun with it and we keep getting better and better at running it and grabbing former Mets folks want to see.

Friends never heard of the QBC? Please direct them to our twitter @QBConvention and our websites If you been to a QBC let them know what you think about it and that they should go. We appreciate our fellow fans and would love for more folks to know about us.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I was told by a very reliable source who works for the Mets that they will NOT have an Old Timers Day this season (2023) like last year (which was great, I went to it), but plan to bring it back in future seasons. Of course, they will have the Mets Hall Of Fame new ind

Anonymous said...

The Mets have had a disappointing off-season in terms of engaging 'members'...last year they had super fan events hosted by Gary Cohen...this year nothing. And, little communication from them overall.
Not sure if the lack of a President(as Sandy does not seem engaged) is hurting the retention efforts...I'm sure the retention was great out of last season but it seems like they are just not doing much.

Anonymous said...

We all know more they win less ticket holders get from the team
And only will get screwed with over priced playoff tickets