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Friday, February 10, 2023

Mets Big Football Event Commercial


For almost a decade I worked in the realm of television commercials. I know how the sausage is made behind the scenes and I have even worked on a commercial or two that has landed on Championship Sunday. While it is cool that the Mets and Steve Cohen decided to throw down the gauntlet with an ad letting fans know about ticket sales, this commercial isn’t it. This doesn’t feel like it is a “BIG” commercial. The lighting, the editing, even the copy all just feels flat. Is it a good commercial to run on SNY, YouTube, Hulu as a local ad? 100 percent yes it is. But it is not a commercial that is worth the price tag of tv ad time during the Eagles?Chiefs game. The Mets could have poked fun at Philly. They could have trotted out old pics and videos of Pat Mahomes as a kid on the field of Shea Stadium when his dad was pitching for them.

Mets if you wanted to use the Mets ticketing office, you could have done a parody of The Office. There could have been a Ghostbuster parody playing off of Senga’s ghost pitch. How about a Seinfeld parody.There were so many different ways to make this feel like a BIG DEAL. The biggest deal that I can possibly see being made about this is that The Mets spent a lot of BIG money on ad time for a small commercial.

I again applaud the initiative taken for this but I am disappointed in the execution.

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