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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Email from about Citi Field Parking Lot


Now, we’re excited to share the initial findings with an executive report.

  • 98% of respondents prefer to “Build Something Great for All” over “Keep the 50 acres of asphalt”
  • Key community priorities: job creation, year-round entertainment/activity, local business support, and expanding/improving open space
  • Many participants would prefer to take the subway and bike if it were made safer and easier in the future. A desire for ferry service was frequently stated
  • Most common themes for the future of the site included green space, arts & entertainment, community space, and transportation improvements
  • Visit to read and download the full report for yourself

Thank you again for your candid, open participation and investment in the future of the Queens community. Your voice is being heard.

Above was in an email i received last night from Queens Future.

I have a realistic question. When it is time to knockdown Citi Field and rebuild it, where does that construction happen? If anything gets built on the parking lots other than a park and a new stadium needs to be built, where does it go and what happens to the buildings that were built on parkland? Should the Mets have to pay for the parkland at market value if any of this happens?

Anyone ask these questions yet?

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John From Albany said...

Great job posting this. You always come up with posts that no one else has.