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Monday, February 20, 2023

Headlines from the Athletic


Headlines from the Athletic 

Rosenthal: Tension over MLB salary arbitration rulings could translate to another battle

You can read the story here.

Steve Cohen: MLB’s new economic committee ‘absolutely not’ targeting Mets’ record spending

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MLB creates economic reform committee in wake of Mets’ spending, Bally RSN woes

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Let's take the top story first.

Maybe if MLB paid their Minor Leaguers a fair wage over the lifetime of baseball the players might nit have a chip on their shoulders when it is time for arbitration. Maybe baseball should figure out a way not to short change the players in their contracts to begins with.

Second story- I feel the owners that don't want to spend money or reinvest in their teams aren't thrilled with Cohen. They might feel they have a target on their backs from their fans for not spending.

Third Story- MLB relied on regional sports networks instead of realizing that they have all this teah and diff ways to show the games. They just want that TV money.

Baseball basically has and is continuing to put itself in a choke hold until its going to choke itself out.

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