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Monday, February 27, 2023

Jacob deGrom on why he left the Mets.


Jacob deGrom is starting to talk about his time as a Met and why he went to the Texas Rangers instead of sticking in NY. Here is a snippet from the NY Post about why deGrom made the move. 

From the NY Post

“That kind of got out. [But] I really enjoyed my time in New York,” deGrom said. “I have friends that will be lifelong friends in New York. We still keep in touch with a lot of people. That was all I knew for 13 years including eight seasons in the big leagues. The fans and everyone were always great to me. It was never like 100 percent I’m leaving here.” 


The chances to leave only started to lean that way, he said, as he got into free agency, and it quickly became clear that the Rangers — baseball’s other uber-aggressive team, only behind the Mets and Padres — made their feelings known early. DeGrom’s $185 million contract reflected his greatness, and turned out to be more than 50 percent more than the Mets’ bid (which sources suggest wasn’t quite the $120 million that was reported, and closer to $100 million to $110 million).

Anyway, he portrayed it as a business call than anything personal. And considering the dollar gap, it’s hard to see how it could have turned out any other way.

“It’s free agency. You sit down and say I could see myself here, I could see myself there. Texas showed a ton of interest. Things got moving really, really quickly. And I said, I’m going to be a Texas Ranger,” deGrom said.

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I have heard some different things about why deGrom decided to head to Texas. I can easily get behind him leaving because of it being a business decision. Hopefully for Jake he can stay healthy and pitch for the Rangers but with the way his arm has been the last two seasons it would have been very risky for the Mets to pay him the kind of money he received.

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