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Monday, December 5, 2022

QBC 2022: Recap Part One


I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up as attendees and I also want to thank our sponsors. SNY, CITI, CONEY ISLAND BEER,NY SPORTS PLUS, THE 7LINE, SEND IN THE CLOWNS, Four Points by Sheraton Flushing, and Katch Astoria. I am waiting for our pictures from our photographer Drea but in the meantime I am going to go through some social media posts and emails I received from our fellow fans.


Mr. Whipple said...

I had a great time even though you tried to sic the crowd on me for being a Yankee fan. My wife and kids are Mets fans and I root for the Mets 158 of 162 games each year. I'm not hanging around Met fans just to troll them.

Besides, I taunted Arenado so hard that he didn't play the second game. That earns me some street cred in Flushing.

Media Goon said...

It wasn’t me who said anything to you about being a Yankees fan. Didn’t even know there were any Yankees fans that slid into the QBC. As I said on Sal Licata’s show last week, I’ll take Yankees fan’s money to come into the QBC. Who “sicced” the crowd on you? I know I made a joke on Twitter or FB that if I had known, I would have charged you double.