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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Old Grouch’s take on Correa signing


Good morning, 

Please forward to the Mets front office and Mr. Cohen. Thank you.

I guess I should be happy. But this does not feel right. It feels unseemly and might destroy Baseball. How can smaller markets compete? Why should their fans buy tickets or watch? If I was a fan in a small market I would  move on to a sport with a salary cap. 

I waited a very long time for the Mets to be the top team in New York. But this is not the lovable Mets. This is just a rich man just trying to get his way like Bezos or Musk. Who wants to root for that? 

I appreciate Mr. Cohen but I think he is misguided. The other teams are his partners not competitors. Why would other teams fans buy tickets when Mr. Cohen has made the playing field lopsided for the Mets?

They call it the Cohen tax. The next union contract they will call it the Cohen salary cap. 

Thank you for reading,
Old Grouch

Goon here- my only comment about this email is about the Owners being partners and not competitors. The other owners even small market teams make good money from the central fund and television deals. There are someone owners that have money but don’t field a competing team. That’s not good for the sport.

I like the fact that the Mets are finally making that extra move to go over the top unlike the previous regime which always needed that one extra player to put them over the edge. I just don’t know if this is overkill. Old Grouch is right though, let’s see how this team gels.

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