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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

I don't know how to feel about the Correa signing.


I remember the other night that when I saw that the Giants balked at Correa's physical and I was like "Woah. I never heard of this before on such a big deal." Then I hear that the Mets signed him. I had know idea how to feel about the deal. Yeah it was great that a player like that then slipped to the Mets but what did San Francisco see in the reports/physical? Why did Boras slide to the Mets to get it done so quickly? I was watching so many peeps on Twitter jumping up and down in joy about the deal and what did I feel? I felt nothing. I was trying to think is it because I have I been broken by previous Mets luck with signings? Maybe I am just used to the other shoe dropping? Maybe I just don't know how to act with the Mets making multiple big league signings? Who knows?

How do you guys feel?

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Old Grouch said...

I don't want to root for a cheating Astro. Let him go somewhere else.

I could see Correa and Lindor stabbing Buck in the back telling Mrs. Cohen (the real boss) they want Beltran.

I would rather root for Baty, Vientos or Mauricio. The way the Cohen's are operating David Wright might have been buried in the minors or traded.