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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Opening Day 2020

 Well, well, well. We were supposed to be at Citi Field for Opening Day today and it doesn't sting me as much. Why? Well I was supposed to be working anyway so I would've missed it all anyway. Last year I thought I was going to miss it because I was going to be stuck on Jury Duty. Lucky enough for me the Lawyers decided I wasn't going to be a good juror for some reason. I was able to pop up to the 7Line Tailgate and the game. It is always fun to reconnect with the fellow Mets fans that you haven't seen for a while. The last few years we had the QBC to break up the the long winter and this year we didn't get to see have that this time. Now we have this Pandemic that is making it so much longer.I am not going to trivialize what is going on in the world right now by whining or complaining about this stay at home scenario that we are dealing with.It needs to be done to help quell the spread of COVID-19.

My industry has been shut down. I am stuck at home for weeks. I can't hang out with friends that I haven't seen in months. Positives though are I get hang at home with the wife and dog. I see folks using Zoom, house party, and face time to check in with each other. Maybe tomorrow we should all hook up at what was supposed to be game time, turn on MLB The Show and sim a game and watch along. It could be fun, it could be dumb as hell. Who's in?

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