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Monday, June 10, 2024

Update:Mets Summer Parking Discount.🤑


Take advantage of discounted parking at Citi Field this summer – reduced to only $20 per car.

The discounted parking rate applies to Monday through Thursday Mets home games from Tuesday, June 11 through Thursday, August 15, excluding the Subway Series (June 25 and June 26).

Please note the following restrictions:

  • The regular parking rate of $40 per car applies for all Friday through Sunday games.
  • The parking rate for bus parking remains the same at the rate of $80.
  • This limited time promotion does not apply to the games against the Yankees on June 25 and 26.
  • Other terms and restrictions may apply.

This is interesting to me on various fronts. A) are the folks that pre purchased there parking passes as part of their ticket plans for during the week getting credits or refunds?B) does this show that the parking prices don’t have to be that high at $40 to begin with? C) how bad are the ticket sales during the week that the Mets are pushing this as a promotion?

Folks please don’t fall for this as the Mets trying to be fan friendly right now. In my humble opinion it seems to me that the folks that are in charge of the venue operations are starting to panic and see that the “fan frien…” Sorry.  I couldn’t get that out with a straight face. They are starting to see the fan unfriendly moves that they have made coupled with a team that is unlikeable/unwatchable is backfiring on them and they have to rethink their attack plan to separate you from your money.

Updated. Was just sent this about the planholder parking rates.

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