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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Fun time at the Mets game.

 I was able to attend my first Subway Series game in a few years and I have to say it was pretty crazy last night. I’m not going to pontificate about this game as much as I’m going to talk about the feel of the crowd versus the beginning of the season. I’ve attended a handful of games this season and it went from being a boring non event with an unlikeable team to a buzz and electric crowd last night. The Mets went from being a team where as fans we figured they were going to get trounced by the Yankees three weeks ago to a fun team to watch. Call me crazy but having Alvarez back and Vientos in the lineup had been the difference maker. I really don’t remember the last time in the past couple seasons that the Mets fans were this hyped up and the team wasn’t boring. They finally found the umph!

When Alvarez got hurt I said in the comments on Til Mets D Us Part podcast(go to your fav podcast service or on YouTube and look them up)  that the Mets were in trouble until he gets back. I hate to say I told you so but……

Anyway it was fun last night. The crowd was exciting. The Mets won and it was just a great time. What a difference from the start of the season.

The Mets Pod also did a live broadcast from the front of Citi Field. Connor and Joe do a great job. You guys should look them up too.

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