Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Thank you to those of you who tipped @QBConvention 2021


That was a fun time on Saturday wasn't it? I want to thank everyone who tipped us the other day. We really appreciate it.

Thank you to

Eric W.
Kevin G.
Sherri F.
Oren A.
Keith K.
Jessica P.
Nicholas C.
Terence K.
Steven G.
Michael F.
Darren G.
Leona W.
Will M.
Chris C.
Todd K.
Luis Z.
Peter M.
Mike M.
Ken M.
Darlene B.
William B.
Mary L.
Eric B.
Kevin H.
Peter M.
Joseph L.
Nicholas G.
Jessie B.
Laura L.
MJ and N.
Evan W.
William D.

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