Sunday, February 7, 2021

@QBConvention: Virtual QBC 2021 Unipanel- Black Jerseys. Should they come back?


Hey everyone. I am cutting the panels up to their own sections so you don't have to FFwd through the QBC video to get to the panels that you want to see first. Here is the Unipanel- Black Jerseys. Should they come back. Hosted by Mediagoon himself with Jon Salazar(@MarvelMMarathon) of Marvel Movie Marathon Podcast fame and a mystery guest. They discuss if the Mets should bring back the black jerseys.

We produced this event for free this year because let's face it, we all needed something that we love to happen still happen and entertain us for a few hours.

We have a Tip Jar set up. If you like what we do, maybe leave us a little something. If not, we are cool with that. Enjoy the Panel and you can click here to tip.

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