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Friday, April 5, 2024

Responses to my thoughts on retractable roofs, etc


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Here some of the responses to it.

K.-   Yeah, this is nuts. Citi is a gem and as long as it’s kept up which cohen has shown he’s invested in then it won’t be replaced for a very long time. I expect it to far outlast the length of time that shea was up. There’s no “land grab” when it comes to parking lots. The fact that it’s considered park land is laughable given it’s a parking lot. Any pushback for its use is crazy. Also we have a lot of negative connotations towards casinos still like it’s crappy Atlantic City, most aren’t like that anymore. I’m not a casino guy because I don’t gamble but I’ve been to Vegas and Foxwoods and a couple Midwest casinos for hotel stays and they’re nice. Who knows if there’s a casino coming anyway, there’s a bunch of other pThat's just the tip of the iceberg. roposals and only a few licenses being given. Also to “worry” about the housing and school over a casino, they’re literally building a soccer stadium a block over. It’s going to be a Manhattan feel in this area once completed.

Goon- you realize that Citi Field is on parkland too and the Mets have a 99 year lease to use it? It’s all taxpayers land.

M- I like the idea of casinos. Maybe some Sports Bars around Citified.

Goon-across the street on 126th street that’s being built now.

A.M I will say the food lines and bathrooms are absolutely a nightmare when there are sellouts and they sell SRO tickets. Eat and pee before the game or miss 1-2 full innings

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