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Thursday, April 4, 2024

My thoughts on retractable roofs and casinos in Queens.

 I was thinking more and more about the discussion of a retractable roof on top of Citi Field and about how much that would cost. This is one of the reasons why I am against giving the parking lots which is NY City parkland to the Mets to develop a casino. The main reasons I’m agains the casino is the land grab and also the fact across the street that they are building a school and affordable housing. My other reason is that Citi Field is 15 years old this year and no matter what the Mets do to update the ballpark it is already obsolete and when it is time for the Mets to build a new stadium, where are they going to build it? Does it get moved from Flushing? What happens to that land if they do move? And if Cohen gets the Casino does he try to expand to the land that Citi Field was which happens to be NYC Parkland?

Here’s my idea. Start building a new stadium in the parking lots where Shea was and put the retractable roof on it because supposedly it is cheaper to build the roof in a new facility than an existing one. Citi Field gets knocked down and then the Mets can build an above ground parking structures with three levels and then on the roof that becomes a green space with a full park.

One of the things the Mets are pushing about the Casino is that there is nothing to do around 126th street right now. The thing that they aren’t clarifying is that this is being built in their plans in the parking lots and not across the street where the Soccer Stadium is being built.

I know a lot of you guys think I’m crazy and being a Don Quixote type person but keep on eye on this folks. In my opinion it might not end the way you want it to. 

I just want the best fan experience for my fellow fans.

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