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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Whats going on at Willets Point?


The wasteland formerly known as the Iron Triangle on Seaver Way looks to be progressing to phase two in the development of the area.


Developers broke ground Wednesday on the first phase of a sweeping mixed use development project in Willets Point, Queens, that’ll eventually bring a professional soccer stadium and a slew of affordable housing to the area.

“It’s reshaping this entire community and what we expect,” Adams said at a ceremony marking the occasion Wednesday morning. “For many years this was joked to be the Iron Triangle or the Valley of the Ashes. We are now going to see a vital community come about right here.” A yellow banner with the words “housing is the goal” was slung behind him. He was joined by a group of other elected officials, including Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and City Council Member Francisco Moya – both of whom played key roles in shaping the plan. 

The project is breaking ground as New Yorkers struggle with a housing crisis. Housing costs continue to rise in New York as the Legislature failed to make significant progress on housing during the 2023 legislative session. On the city level however, Adams has introduced a massive overhaul on how the city approaches development. Several mixed-use development projects have moved forward under his administration, including Innovation QNS in Astoria and plans for Throggs Neck in the Bronx, and Halletts Point in Queens. 

This was from December 20, 2023.

The privately financed soccer stadium, a long-awaited permanent home for the New York City Football Club, is intended to be the focal point of a sweeping mixed-use development project in Willets Point that’s expected to transform the industrial waterfront into a new neighborhood complete with a school and acres of public space. With progress one year ahead of schedule, Wednesday’s ceremony marked construction beginning on the first 880 units of affordable housing. Another 220 affordable housing units set aside for low-income seniors are expected to break ground next. More than 2,500 affordable homes in total are expected under the plan, making the project the city’s largest development of entirely affordable housing in 40 years. 

Now haven't we been told the whole reason for the idea of having the Casino and other business/music venue/ restaurants to be wanting to be put on parkland is because there is nothing going to be around 126th street? Looks to me there is. I still want to know if affordable housing and a school or two being built before a possible casino being built nearby is a good thing or not?

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