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Monday, January 8, 2024

The Mets want you to Audition for the Queens Crew. I don't know why this is a thing.


I sent this over to Shannon at earlier because I was at work and this needs to be out there. I have no idea who the Mets have hired to come up with this stuff but no. Just no. I was on the Mets Fan Advisory board from 2019-2023. If there was still such I thing, I would be bringing this up as how stupid this is going to be. True baseball fans go to watch a game, hang with friends, have some ballpark food, and relax. Now they have to worry about the same things subway riders have to see with the  Dance Krewz who dance and flip while they are trying to mind their own business going on the rails? Now it is bad enough for years that baseball etiquette isn't followed during at bats, now we have to see and hear this? Are we sure the execs who have been hired didn't come from Ohio and are enthralled by Times Squares bright billboards, knockoff Elmos, the mix CD scams, and the dance/singing acts up there also?

Why can't we just have baseball? Field a team that is fun to watch. They don't have to always win but make sure they aren't boring on the field like last year's team. The only way this works is that it is for outside the stadium before games and maybe just maybe and even then it is an extreme maybe, the 7th inning stretch,

Mets you are better than this. Please restart the Mets Fan Advisory Board and make sure it has fans that aren't yes men that think everything is awesome like the Lego Movie and will give you guys the truth about some of the moves you guys make.


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why hip hop? MLB is all-American tradition. I’d rather see a full female team/cheerleaders than a co-ed hip hop crew. I dunno call me old fashioned.

Anonymous said...

Rather cheerleaders! Not street dancers!