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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

President/CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce wants Resorts World to get Casino License.


This from It's on OP ED piece about why Resorts World which is already set up in Queens is the best landing spot for a full casino. Interesting enough this is from the President/CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. I wonder why he would be backing this instead of say a casino on parkland.

Resorts World New York City has a proven track record as a community partner who has stepped up during some of the city’s most challenging times. When the pandemic brought the world to a stop, the local economy in southwest Queens was hit particularly hard. During the height of the pandemic, more than one-third of Queens residents reported that they or someone in their household lost their job. Many lost their health insurance, affecting not only those individuals, but for some, their children’s health coverage as well. Resorts World New York City was there for its employees, maintaining full employer-paid health coverage for all its workers and their families throughout the pandemic. This provided not only peace of mind for employees, but access to the critical medical care that workers and their family members ultimately needed during that time. Finally, as president and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, I would be remiss if I failed to mention how community support or opposition for major economic development projects in New York City is often the most important factor in a project’s success. Resorts World New York City has the full, wide and deep support of the entire small business community, community-based organizations in southeast Queens and the area’s entire bipartisan political leadership.

Its existing infrastructure and prior zoning and land-use approvals will allow it to have an operational, full-scale casino open for business in just six months after receiving a license. This will bring thousands of new, good-paying union jobs to residents in Queens, where the current Resorts World employee already earns an average of $71,000 a year. Creating good-paying jobs in the area will have a catalyzing effect that boosts local small businesses and generates even more revenue for the state, which means more funding for schools, public safety and other government services.

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