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Friday, April 14, 2023

Freedom Plaza Casino project is pushing hard

 Every couple of days I scour the internet to find some sort of news on the casino licensing and the proposed  building of one at Citi Field. If Steve Cohen doesn’t get the license will they still want to get rid of the parking lots and say build a park above ground on a deck?

Anyway here is the later Casino licensing news that I could find. Freedom Plaza? I don’t remember hearing about this one.


Freedom Plaza project attempts to distinguish itself

While each of the four Manhattan proposals continue to work all back channels to build political support, one of the projects could have some key advantages when it comes to easing concerns about traffic congestion, construction hassles, and zoning limitations. The Freedom Plaza proposal for the Midtown East neighborhood is trying to forge a niche as the most acceptable locally of the four options.

“I think we have the upper hand, because we have the best partner. I think we have the best piece of property. I think we have the best program,” said Mohegan President and CEO Ray Pineault, whose group is partnering with the Soloviev Group on a project that includes two residential towers that promise affordable housing and green space near the East River.

“I think we offer the best overall project for the state of New York and New York City and the community. So, I’m biased. In that vein, we’re reaching out to our local representatives and state representatives and letting them know we want to work with the community to make sure we bring the best product forward and that we have the best project.”

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