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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

OABT S7 E9: Little Boys Dinner Last Night. Mets and whatever from T7LHQ.


The boys are rolling so far on the West Coast in Oakland and LA. Brett Baty is back, and hopefully here to stay. Our friend Jacob Resnick (who you might remember as a Kid Caster on SNY back in the day) now works for the Mets Minor League Operations department. Lindor says he’d let Vogelbach babysit his daughter… which begs the question which Met would you choose to babysit your toddler or NEVER babysit your toddler? Nimmo went from being an average outfielder to making web gems on the regular. Gold glove in his future? The Mets are in line to face Noah Sydergaard tomorrow, if he doesn't bitch out again that is. The Long Island Ducks (Daniel Murphy is on the team now!) start their Spring Training games this week and you can get in for FREE and park for FREE. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino back in action at T7LHQ

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