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Friday, September 30, 2022

NY Post Sports Plus returns as QBC Sponsor


We here at the Queens Baseball Convention want to welcome back a sponsor for their second year in partnership with us. First let us get the QBC 2022 plugs out of the way. Have you bought your tickets yet? All the VIP seats are gone except one VIP table if you want it, you should grab it before it is gone. QBC 2022: Bringing Sexy Back featuring Bartolo Colón, RA Dickey, and Howard Johnson doing Q and A panels and autograph signings. SNY Bringing Hot Stove and The Mets Pod as love panels. Jay Horwitz is being giving the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award, State of the Mets and we will announce on Monday what panel the NY Post is bringing in. The NY Post? You haven’t said anything about the NY Post yet! That’s right we haven’t  said anything until now.

This is the part where we welcome back The NY Post and the NY Post Sports Plus app as a sponsor. We are very happy to have them back and can’t wait to be able to bring to you a great panel that we are announcing on Monday.

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