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Monday, December 20, 2021

So, Buck Showalter.


From the NY POST

How will Showalter mesh with the analytics staff?

Luis Rojas got the manager’s job before the 2020 season in part because he had an understanding of the information presented to him and how to distill it for his players — he had previously served as a quality control coach for the team.Under Steve Cohen’s ownership, the Mets have moved in an even more technological and analytical direction. Showalter, during his Baltimore tenure, sometimes clashed with the front office over the use of analytics.

 Mike Puma has other questions like who's hire was he, and what about the coaching staff and who might be on it. You can read more here.

Personally, I am totally burnt out on wondering if a manager will make the Mets a viable contender for the playoffs and a World Series win. I hope that Buck Showalter was the right manager, I hope that the Mets give him the chance to put together a good coaching staff, I hope that they don't push the analytics too much on him, basically I just hope the Mets win. 

I want to know how Showalter will be able to handle the new breed of player the Mets seem to have on the team. Is there going to be another Donnie Thompson/Chilli Davis type situation? Will teammates be fighting each other in the clubhouse tunnels? Will players be played out of position? Will pitching changes and non changes make sense? What can the Mets fans expect out of a team led by Buck Showalter? Hopefully this will be a contending team.

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