Thursday, December 9, 2021

Mets to use facial recognition software to "make lines move faster"

 I grabbed this from who grabbed it from Sport Techie.

The New York Mets are partnering with facial recognition software Wicket to expand optional facial-ticketing at Citi Field. Beginning with Opening Day of the 2022 MLB season, all main entry gates at Citi Field will have Wicket machines to scan a fan’s face to confirm their ticket info upon entering the ballpark.

The partnership is an expansion upon the opt-in Mets Entry Express trial program that saw select lanes at Citi Field offer Wicket’s facial ticket entry last season. With Wicket, users upload an image of their face and ticket’s barcode before a game. Wicket’s computer vision software scans their face to allow entry without the fan having to show a printed or mobile ticket, enabling lines to move faster.   (via Sport Techie)

Question Time. 

Does this do away with the Clear lanes at Citi Field? 

Is Clear no longer a "partner" of the NY Mets? 

Why do I want this done? Is this going to be used for tracking around the ballpark? 

Why are we going this route?  

Are they going to use this to keep out folks "Banned for life" at Citi Field?

Does this actually work?

What other things will this software use your facial recognition for?

Is there fine print where you don't see it but that they can sell the info they acquire to their parties to "track" you to send ads your way when out in public?

Anyone else getting 1984 and Minority Report vibes?

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