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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

What I thought of the Mets 2021 Season


  I am sure you guys have been waiting with bated breath to hear what I thought about the Mets 2021 season. IT WAS BORING. Even when the Mets were leading the NL EAST it was boring. The Mets felt like the Mets from previous seasons where they couldn't score any runs and had tons of injuries. I don't think I ever really bought into the team as contenders. Going into the season, I had low expectations of how the team was going to perform. I figured there would be a transition year with some moves and rebuilding and the team wouldn't look like a team that was going anywhere at least for another season maybe two. The Lindor trade was to show that this isn't the same Mets ownership that wouldn't make a big deal to make the team better. Which was great. They signed Lindor to an extension. Another move that wouldn't have been made by old ownership. Another good start. Then the scandals started happening. The GM Jared Porter's treatment of a female reporter surfaced. A Mets Producer Joe Devito was accused of sexual harassment and Mets Chief Marketing Officer Dave Newman was accused of being a creep. “I said, ‘How can you take David Newman back? He’s a creep,’ ” one of the women told The Athletic of her interaction with Alderson. (Read more here from the NY POST) After this Acting GM Zack Scott got busted for Drunk Driving (NY POST). It just seemed like the Mets as an organization could still not get out of its own way. 

Steve Cohen on twitter was fun at first. Then the honeymoon was over with the fans once the losing started happening. Some fans started finding him abrasive and almost trollish to them. I think at first he was more reserved on twitter than frustration and not being the beloved "Uncle Stevie" with the fans started getting to him. I also think the bad press from all the different front office shenanigans got to him also and the hedge fund STEVE came out and the fun fan/owner "Uncle Stevie" got lost.

Bringing back the Black Jerseys were supposed to bring back "swagger' to the team. All they brought was the bad juju from the 2000's where the Mets never won a World Series and had big collapses at end of seasons. It felt like a step back to me.The same fans who wanted the jerseys started bitching about the Mets should stop worrying about black jerseys and worry about winning.

I didn't go to as many games that I have gone to in the past. I missed a 7Line Army game at Citi Field(Last game of the season) and didn't go to LA for the road trip. I went to two other games that I didn't pay for and didn't miss going to any other games live. I just felt the team was flat the whole year even when they were in first.

You know what also bugged me? Donnie Stephenson. Chili Davis getting fired after the players came out touting the fake hitting approach coach. I also hated the Mets players kept trying to force gimmicks like the were Mets fans trying to force their own gimmicks in the crowd. HR Pony? Donnie Stephenson? The Churve? Oh and my favorite the Thumbs Down because we are booing the fans when we do well. That's great if you want to keep it as a way to motivate you as a team. Keep it in house. No need to alienate your fanbase. I don't boo the Mets when they aren't doing good, but I am also not going to tell fans "F YOU" in a press conference. The best thing that might have happened this season was the Rat vs Raccoon disagreement.

This season bored me. This team bored me. But I am looking forward to next season. I am also looking forward to the Queens Baseball Convention's: QBC 2021 on Saturday November 13th at Mulcahy's Pub in Wantagh. Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, Todd Frazier will be there doing panels and signing autographs. The Meet the Mets Execs Panel returns. The Mets Books Authors Panel, State of the Mets returns too. Vendors, Prizes and more. For more info and to buy tix go to

You can also just scan this QR Code to buy tix.

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