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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

OMG! The Mets haven’t hired anyone yet!


I am tired of folks on twitter and the beat writers freaking out because the Mets haven’t hired anyone to the FO or a manager yet. The season wasn’t even over and they were trying to figure out why the Mets didn’t announce a mew manger the day after Luis Rojas was let go.

You hear the Mets didn’t do their due diligence on the hires under Steve Cohen but now you are getting “why aren’t the Mets hiring anyone yet? The Mets a still a joke! No one wants to come work here!”

Some of the front office potential hires couldn’t be spoken to until their teams were out of the playoffs. Some teams wouldn’t give their people permission to talk to rge Mets. Some folks just didn’t want to give up what they have already. If you were working for a team and built it into a contender, wouldn’t you want to stick with it until the job is done?

I’m not defending the Mets but you folks need to chill out. 

The State of the Mets will be talking about all this at the QBC 2021 at Mulcahy’s on November 13 2021. You can also get good insight from Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, Todd Frazier, SNY on air talent, book authors and yes even Mets Execs!

Tickets to get in are $25. Autos are additional prices. There are special VIP tables that aren’t on the website so hit me up about them at 

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