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Friday, July 29, 2016

Main Stream Media Finally Asks About @mets Ticket Fees

After years of @metspolice and I railing against, making fun of, and inquiring about these fees main stream media finally get on board and notice what fans have been asking about these "convenience fees"

From the NY POST
Funny thing about such forced “convenience fees.” They’re ostensibly charged for fans’ convenience, although they’re never broadly explained, let alone detailed. After all, when did it become an inconvenience to sell us tickets?

Now, if the Mets temporarily have waived those convenience fees, they’re selling the tickets at someone’s inconvenience, right?

And if it’s somehow at fans’ inconvenience, I write on behalf of all of them in telling the Mets that fans gladly will suffer — for the rest of their sports consumer lives — such inconvenience.

Otherwise, those “convenience” charges are pure price-gouging. So from now on, just give fans the option: Would they like to pay convenience charges or prefer to be inconvenienced by no charges?

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- Okay Mets, care to explain?

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