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Monday, September 25, 2023

QBC 2023 Ticket Pricing Announcement


We know everyone has been wondering about the ticket pricing for QBC 2023 and we have been working super hard on trying to keep the pricing as low as we possibly can. We are going to be as transparent as possible. We had to raise ticket prices a bit this year due to expenses such as travel, lodging, venue, Audio/Visual, paying Terry, Billy, Cliff, advertising, and incidentals. Things just have been costing more in this economy. 

This year we brought back the general admission ticket for folks who don't want autographs. We also charge less for autographs than a lot of the card shows that don't provide any kind of entertainment like we do with the panels. The other thing we don't do is charge for photos with the guests. If the guests are cool with you taking a quick picture with them while you are getting something signed, we don't feel like our fellow fans should be charged for that. But again only if the guests are cool with it while they are at the signing table. Some conventions charge almost as much as the autograph for a photo. We hope this helps everyone understand why tickets have gone up.

We would say if you are coming to get autos from all 3 guests, with  3 inscription tickets, and a fast pass, Grab the VIP Orange ticket. If you did everything separately it would be $249.92. You can get all of this for $199.99

The VIP Blue ticket is even a better deal. It would be $999.68. You are getting great value at $699.99. It's a big saving.

General Admission tickets are $59.99 and that ticket just gets you in the door to see the panels and vendors. Again folks we don't want to raise prices at all but with all the work we do, we don't even really do this for a profit. we just try to make enough revenue that we don't have to go into our own pockets. We enjoy doing this for our fellow fans and believe it or not it's been TEN YEARS since we founded the QBC. We appreciate all our fellow fans and we want to consistently put on the best even we can possibly due year in and year out. It's a labor of love and a lot goes into the running of the Queens Baseball Convention.

Tickets go live at 10 am on Monday October 2nd on

You need to buy a General Admission ticket one of our Admission/Auto packages to enter QBC. These packages contain admission to QBC and one autograph from one of the players. You can purchase additional autograph tickets for the players separately.

Admission and Autograph Pricing

General Admission Ticket $59.99 plus tax/fees

Admission Ticket/Terry Collins Autograph Combo $69.99 plus tax/fees

Admission Ticket/Cliff Floyd Autograph Ticket Combo $79.99 plus tax/fees

Admission Ticket/Billy Wagner Autograph Ticket Combo $89.99 plus tax/fees

VIP ORANGE SEATING PACKAGE $199.99 plus tax/fees

Admission ticket includes a seat within first three rows of audience .One Autograph ticket each for Terry Collins, Billy Wagner, and Cliff Floyd .Three inscription tickets that can be used for either/or Collins, Floyd, Wagner. Fast pass skip ahead of line for autographs.

VIP BLUE SEATING PACKAGE $699.99 plus tax/fees

This includes four admission tickets. A table up close to the panel stage for four people. Fast pass to skip to head of line for autographs. Includes Four Billy Wagner autograph tickets, Four Cliff Floyd autograph tickets, Four Terry Colins autograph tickets, and eight inscription tickets.

Children Age 4 and under are free with a paid Adult Admission

Autograph ticket prices

Terry Collins $34.99 plus tax/fees

Cliff Floyd $39.99 plus tax/fees

Billy Wagner $44.99 plus tax/fees

Inscription Prices 

Terry Collins $9.99 plus tax/fees

Cliff Floyd $19.99 plus tax/fees

Billy Wagner $19.99 plus tax/fees

Fast Passes

Fast Passes help you get on the line that moves faster then the regular line for autos/pics. There are a limited number of additional fast passes that are available.When we say limited, we mean limited. 

Fast Pass price- $19.99 plus tax/fees

QBC 2023 Poster


SNY is back as the presenting sponsor for QBC 2023!


Once again we at the QBC want to welcome back (picture WWE Wiseman Paul Heyman saying this) The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Presenting Sponsor....... S...N...Y...!

That's right folks. SNY is back with us yet again and you know what that means! SNY talent coming in to do a panel or two. We are waiting on confirmation on who we are getting in for that day but as usual they kill it for us every year.

Keep your eyes here for more info. Also check out for info and tickets when they go on sale on Oct 2nd.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fransisco Alvarez signed glove


If you're a die-hard New York Mets fan, then be sure to add this Francisco Alvarez autographed Black & Gold Catchers Glove to your collection. Featuring a hand-signed signature from the star catcher, it's the perfect way to emphasize your support for Francisco Alvarez for years to come.

You can find this at

Saturday, September 23, 2023

QBC 2023 Ticket On Sale Date.


Saturday December 2nd 2023 is not too far away. I mean it is but it isn't but it will definitely sneak up on us soon. You guys ready for another fun day at Four Points Flushing? You guys ready to hang out and hear  great panels that have been at the Queens Baseball Convention in the past? 

You already heard that we are bringing in Terry Collins, Billy Wagner, and Cliff Floyd for a panel and a signing each. You guys know we have Mark Healey with the State of the Mets Panel. We have an awesome host in John Saponaro. You already know we have awesome vendors that came to sell there wares. You know we have our partnership with Katch Astoria that has awesome food. What you don't know is the date tickets go on sale. Well that changes now.

The on sale date for QBC 2023 will be Monday October 2, 2023. Yep the day after the baseball season is over we are ready to help our fellow fans reset mentally for next season. As usual and sites will be two of the ways to buys tickets.

Some quick notes. 

We have to raise prices this year to meet up with inflation costs. Travel and accommodations for the guests have gone up. We also have to pay more for the venue, guests, and incidentals for QBC. It won't be anything too crazy. 

Folks have asked for General Admission tickets without autographs as an option. We have tried it int he past, it wasn't the best but we will try it again.

There will be: 

GA tickets

Admission Ticket with Terry Collins Auto

Admission Ticket with Billy Wagner Auto

Admission Ticket with Cliff Floyd Auto

VIP Orange Package

VIP Blue Table Package

Extra Auto Tickets and Inscription Tickets

We will have more information in the coming days about pricing and what is included with the different packages,

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