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Monday, May 13, 2024

This is going over some Mets Fans heads


You can read the comments for yourselves in this. I myself stated that Mrs Met for the Mascot Hall of Fame but he social media accounts have been taken away. WHY?

Why have they been taken away? It seems in my opinion that these new corporate folks being brought in are trying to do things that don't make sense. Maybe Mrs Met on here on X or Insta could be promoting herself for the HOF. Maybe then the Mets Accounts, Mr Mets accounts and Mrs Mets accounts would all be able to help push her for the win.

Someone in the comments said" She is just felt." Fair enough but I am looking deeper into this. Look at the closing of the bathrooms and concessions. Look at tickets are selling. Sunday night I heard there were leftover tumblers up the wazoo. Look what the new ticket people are doing to the fans with the tier loyalty system that makes absolutely no sense. I have a friend who was talking to me over the weekend and they are one of the most die hard fans that I have ever met and she is fed up. She is so fed up to the point that she and her significant other might not renew their seats for next season. What does that tell you about how the Mets organization is conducting its business. It is the small things that become the bigger things that you have to worry about..

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