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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Layoffs at Citi Field. New Mets Museum Curator part of it.


You know everyone is trying to figure out what happened to the Mets Museum at Citi Field and how the Mets hired a new Curator for the Museum? Well it sounds like the curator was let go in a round of layoffs at the ballpark last week. What is that going to say about what becomes of this museum?

A) it sucks when anyone is let go especially after you get brought into curate and ran a museum and then that museum gets halved.

B) What is really going on behind the scenes over at Citi Field? I've told you guys that i have had a feeling about the vibes over there being off.


Anonymous said...

All sorts of changes as the New Head of Business Ops (came over from Bloomberg) is instituting cost savings changes all over the place and lots of legacy employees are in jeopardy

Anonymous said...

Coming off 2 years where they blew a division, finished below .500, didn’t make any major upgrades and advance sales are way down in a tight $ market. Couldn’t see that coming.