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Thursday, February 22, 2024

MLBPA wants Uniform Changes

This might be the first time I can remember that the players union has gotten involved in jersey changes. These in my opinion are some of the worst looking and seemingly made jerseys I have ever seen and I am glad the players feel the same way.

From Bleacher Report 

 Fans and analysts aren't the only ones who think the MLB uniforms designed for the 2024 season are a problem.

MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark told reporters on Tuesday that players are "frustrated" with the uniforms, and they're hoping to get them fixed before the start of the regular season.

"We are on the phone with the requisite parties that are involved in making that decision because we aren't. We're trying to make sure our guys have what they need in the fashion that they need it. And it's reflective of what being a major-league ballplayer should be reflective of.


"It's an ongoing dialogue. Hopefully, we can get some things done over the course of the next six weeks of spring training. Because I'd hate to be in a place where we're still having conversations about some of the challenges we have in that regard once the lights come on."

Read more here from Bleacher Report. 

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