Four Points Flushing. The Official Hotel of the Queens Baseball Convention and The

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Don’t forget QBC 2023 is December 2nd 2023


Now that our Lunch with Howie Rose is over and a big success, it’s time to move onto QBC 2023. In 2013, Shannon Shark(Metspolice) and myself came up with the idea of trying to bluff the Wilpons into doing a Mets fan fest. It didn’t work. We then joined forces with Darren Meenan(The7Line) and really started the ball rolling on the QBC. Darren had to drop out as a primary member of the brain trust because he was in the process of legitimizing the7line with MLB but was still there to support the idea. Dan Twohig then slid into the three man team. We had a successful first QBC in 2014. 

So what am I getting at? It has been 10 years since the inception of the QBC being brought to life. That means we should try to have a pretty amazing QBC this year? 

I’m trying to get more sponsors this year. The more sponsors we get,the bigger the guests we can get. If you work for a business or know one that you think would want to be a sponsor for QBC 2023 on Saturday December 2nd please hit me up. QBC 2023 is now my focus until the day is over.

Dan and Myself  love being fans doing this for other fans. It is a lot of work but it always is worth it knowing our fellow fans have a great time.

Have sponsors leads?

Hit me up at or

QBC 2023 will be held once again at Four Points Flushing, the official hotel of the Queens Baseball Comvention and

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