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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Update: Brooklyn Cyclones: SAG/WGA(?) Members can get a free ticket for 8/17


This is a nice gesture by the Cyclones but they say for all Actors and writers but just say bring their SAG Union Cards to show at the box office. Problem with that the Writers are WGA and they didn't hashtag the WGA. I also noticed that other members of the film and tv industry that have also been affected by the strikes didn't get mentioned either. They're other unions within the industry that are supporting SAG/WGA and never get the mention when the strikes are mentioned. A lot of these crew members have been going through their savings since the film industry was slowed down since January. It would be nice if these other industry professionals could get a distraction from whats going on in their lives. Again. Very nice gesture by the Cyclones but I don't think a lot of the folks not in the film business knows exactly the whole story with all the other crew members.

If you are a member of SAG?WGA and are done on the picket line for the day, please go and enjoy this.

This just in. The cyclones just hit me up on their FB page and told me it’s for any IATSE Member, Theatrical Teamster, or any other union member in the film/tv biz.

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