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Sunday, July 30, 2023

"Put It In The Books!" QBC's Lunch with Howie Rose is done!


Thank you to everyone who came out to Lunch with Howie Rose yesterday. Thanks to Howie for coming out. Special thanks to Matt Ibanez @Poison_IBBY for hosting our event. He did a phenomenal job and make you you check out Til Mets do us part Podcast ob YouTube  and on Apple podcasts. Last but not least I want to thank MJ,  Nancy,  Jessie, Magan, Elvis, Laura, and my wife Tricia for all the help they give me with out events. Without them, we couldn't put on our great events. Special thanks to Bill and Rosann from Katch, and the Katch staff. They knocked it out of the park yesterday and did na amazing job with everything. Need some place to hold an event? Birthdays, weddings, graduations? Hit up Katch to hook you up.

Howie was great yesterday. He really loved everyone coming out to have lunch with him and to get to hear his stories. I even had a little surprise for everyone and live-streamed some of the event. I was going to stream the whole event but my laptop died and I couldn't get it going again because I would have been in the way of the folks watching Howie in person. I'll post that video later. For now, here comes the pics provided by MJ!!!

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