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Monday, November 7, 2022



We are very happy to have the NY POST SPORTS PLUS as a partner in sponsorship go QBC 2022: Bringing Sexy Back. Part of our partnership is that we are getting the Amazin' But True Podcast from the NY Post Hosted by Jake Brown and Nelson Figueora. If you guys do sign up, please click one of the graphics below. This is our referral link so the Post knows where the new subscribers are coming from.

What do you get when you subscribe to the NY POST SPORTS PLUS app?

Premium stories and analysis from top writers

Go inside the game and outside the lines with the writers you love.

Unique, in-depth newsletters

Choose from our flagship daily roundup, deep dives on your favorite teams, and the inside 
scoop on sports media.

Text messaging with our writers

Receive real-time insights via text message and engage with our writers on a variety of topics.Learn More

Community discussions and interactive events

Daily discussion topics selected by the Post Sports+ team, Q&As with our writers, expert roundtables, special interviews and more.


"I have really been enjoying the extra in-depth coverage that Sports+ provides. The fact that you're making this a more personal experience by having the writers send texts is very cool."- Michael G., Brooklyn"I absolutely love it. So nice to get some more in-depth stuff. Mollie's Rangers updates are great. Can't wait for baseball season with similar coverage."- Daniel C., Wayne, NJ"I think the content is great. Love the Marchand and Brooks weekly newsletters especially. I generally don't sign up for paywall content, but I do not regret doing so for your site."- Josh M., New York (City)

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