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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Tick Tock. Baseball you are on the clock.

 MLB is supposed to have their counter proposal today. I know folks are biting their nails over if spring training and the season starts on time. You know who aren’t biting their nails? The owners. You know why? They forget that they are losing fans who are getting older and not replacing them with newer generations. 

The owners in my opinion think if the season doesn’t start on time that folks will still come back to the stadiums. That might have been the fact maybe 40-50 years ago, but with all the other things that can keep folks entertained, they are really taking a gamble. And I mean a big gamble. If the season doesn’t start on time, you’ll have the diehards that will still go, but what about the casual fan? Will he or she still watch games on tv or listen to them on the radio?  Nope. They’ll get the highlights off of twitter. The fan base is not what it used to be MLB. Be careful of what you have as a proposal today. You might be killing your own sport.

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