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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

QBC: Help Debbie pay her medical bills.

A great friend of the baseball collecting community, anyone who has been to the QBC has seen Debbie. She was at the autograph table this year with Ronnie and Gary.


Hi Friends, and Friends of Friends…

My name is Dina, and I wanted to share a note about a very close friend of mine, Deborah, who has recently had news that most of us would dread. She has recently been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. While she’s undergoing treatment and fighting as hard as she can, in addition to the challenges already going on with the pandemic, her situation is a little overwhelming. Deb is one of those truly unique and caring souls who has always extended a friendly hand to anyone who asked. Known affectionately as Deb the Celeb, she loves traveling to card shows and other conventions, such as Hall of Fame weekend to hobnob with all the baseball and other sports legends. She’s the mom of a beautiful daughter who’s working on a career in music, and that career requires a lot of travel, so it’s been very difficult for the family to balance normal life with Deborah’s treatment plans. If you’ve ever met Deb, you were met with a smile, a hug, and genuine care and concern for you and your family. Today I am asking the same for her, as she could really use some help covering her daily living expenses, as well as the increases in her medical costs. As she’s unable to work at the moment during chemotherapy with the pandemic placing increased risks to her health, she and her family are having trouble covering rent, food and utilities. If you’re able to, any donation would help her tremendously and would be genuinely appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

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