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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Updated: Where are the Mets Black Retail Jerseys?


As we are approaching “Blue Friday” with the Mets, it’s been quite curious that there hasn’t been any mention of the Black Jerseys being available for sale. Is it because the Mets are feeling that they might get some backlash that they aren’t signing players, letting other teams grab their free agents, and not hiring a manager yet? “Can’t do any of those things but you can go for the black jersey money grab!!!”

I wonder if there is a container or two stuck on some ships that are stuck out at sea waiting for a port to let them in to offload. It’s just been eerily quiet about all this. The Mets could have Authentic On Field Black Jerseys ready to be up for sale since they are made in the US but who wants to pay almost $400 for a jersey these days?

So Mets, what’s the word?

As soon as I posted this came up.

Another question. Where is the blue piping on the front? Is this an all new design that means they are coming back full time?

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