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Friday, November 19, 2021

QBC 2021 Wow that was a quick week

Hey Everyone. After almost a full week since QBC 2021 is in the books, I wanted to finally talk about it. I first want to thank all our volunteers who give up their day off to help us out. They are our family and friends and our friends who have become family over the years. If they didn’t believe in the QBC or believe in us as people we’d have a really tough time pulling these events off every year.

I want to thank the talent that came out to help entertain our fellow fans. SNY, Nick Davis, The Authors Panel, Todd Frazier, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, Will Carafello, Jay Horwitz and also The State of the Mets panel. I especially want to thank Shannon Forde’s family for coming out.The fans loved having you there and we totally appreciate you guys coming in to help us have a great event.

John Saponaro. This guy was clutch. He knocked out two panels and hosted the whole day. He was the MVP of the day. He was able to stretch when we needed him to stretch and you can see why he is a great person and talent to have as a part of the QBC.

Our fellow fans. Thanks for supporting us and thank you for believing that we will keep putting on fun events that you all will enjoy. It means a lot to us that we can pull something off like this that everyone enjoys.

We didn’t know if we were going to be able to pull off a live event this year. We did the virtual one way back in February and we though that was going to be it for the year. But when we saw that venues were starting to open up again we figured let’s hit this one out of the park. We all needed something fun to do especially after this last Mets season.

I think the admission only ticket works. I do think we have to tweak it a bit but it’s a viable option for the future. If you guys want current or closer to current Mets, we are going to have to raise ticket prices to be able to afford them. We would love to get someone like a Piazza but to bring him in is costly. We also have to pay for the venue and other incidentals when running a QBC.

Mulcahy’s. For the folks who weren’t sold on the QBC being on LI, it seemed that everyone who was attending the QBC had a good time there and I was told it was very easy to get to. Hears the food and drinks were good too. Maybe we should return there again?

I think it was the most professional looking QBC to date and I was very happy with the day itself. The day was a blur for me but it seems like everyone had a good time and everything went well!

Thanks for attending. Tell your friends about us. QBC Youtube 

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Unknown said...

It was a spectacular event. The venue was terrific as it was larger, and the extra space was welcomed. The panels were outstanding and a shout-out to Todd Frazier who was very entertaining. Mark Healey did a fantastic job hosting the State of the Mets panel. Overall, a great day spending time with fellow Mets fans.

Kudos to you and the entire staff.

-Jeff Cohen